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Chaotic Metropolis--

The year is 2201. The world has been ravaed by war, there isn't much left. Dunno about the war? I better explain..

Around World War III some scientists discovered something, a way of controlling thins with there mind. Actual magic, not like the stuff you see in magic shows. Well anyway, all the worlds started fihting to get there hands on some, little did they know every time it was used they sucked some life out of creatures from other worlds, parrallel universes or something like that.

One day, the magic came too much, the beasts broke throuh into our world. That's when this war started. The beasts attacked us, the worlds had to combine there armies to find back, but they were too strong. Just as we thought all was lost, the meteor came. It wiped out all the monsters, and most of the humans. Though the ones that survived moves into five different cities, where they rebuilt there lives.

Sadly, they thirsted for magic again. The cities went to induvidual wars, fighting for magic and power.

You get to choose what you fight for, peace, destruction or just for yourself?
If you want peace, prepare for war.

--Chaotic Metropolis, a new site that is completely original. Please join and help make the site. ^-^

Chaotic Metropolis

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