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Evolution : ReDefined Empty Evolution : ReDefined

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:49 pm
Evolution : ReDefined GmEk8MY


A chain of events is set off from within the system after cycles of stalemate progression. From out of no where, a rising star steps up to assume the role as the next reigning dictation to the system. A new Master Control finally appears from the shadows with grace and poise. True intentions unknown and origin just as equally so but with a promise hard to resist. Unite the system with the outside world once again and this time for good. Only by doing so could they truly make the system progress farther than ever made possible. Though most programs were highly hesitant of the decision to reunite with the users after all the suffering caused by their influence. Not many other choices left to pick from. It came down to one thing, either join this new leader with a chance at redemption or be forgotten until the time was too late.

With new power on the throne and the Portal forcibly opened from the inside.
A new era for the system has begun.

All in efforts of obtaining a better, stronger, and assured future?

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