Lazarus, the Archon

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Lazarus, the Archon

Post by Lazarus on Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:47 am

Name: Lazarus

Biographical Information:
    Nationality: Deralian
    Age: 21
    Birth Date: January 18th
Physical Description:
    Gender: Male
    Height: Six feet
    Weight: One hundred sixty two pounds
    Description: Look at the picture for now.
Personal Information:
    Allies: Lazarus does not have trouble getting along with people, and makes friends easily.
    Enemies: Lazarus makes friends too easily to have any real enemies.
    Weapon of Choice: Swords
    Fighting Style: Lazarus is aggressive in combat, throwing everything he has at every enemy.
    Passive Ability: Archon's Grace - Lazarus' forms have no cost or time limit. They are only ended by Lazarus' choosing to do so, or if he is knocked unconscious.
Chronological and Political Information:
    Profession: Fighter, Level 01
    Affiliation: Denizens of the Forest
    Background History: We'll write this during RP, not sure what I want for his past yet.[/i]
    Personality: We'll write this during RP, not sure what I want for his personality yet.[/i]
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