True Strike

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True Strike

Post by Evan Arenbrose on Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:13 pm

True Strike

    ♦ Type of Weapon

    ♦ Weapon Size

    ♦ Elemental Alignment
    No core alignment.

    ♦ Detailed Appearance
    An elegantly crafted military grade hunting bow. General materials consist of varying steels mixed with other earthen components to assure a fairly decent degree of durability. The bow itself is simple in mechanic ability. Being used in the standard methods of shoot and release. Related arrow ammunition is made of the same grade of materials and match the main weapon in both class of design and functionality. Overall damage caused on it's own is low in consequence but can be wracked up with enough time. Truly damaging effects are usually enabled by use of magical intervention of this weapon.

    ♦ Enchantments / Abilities
    Though the bow itself is to the point with no additional effects. Arrow ammunition is able to be imbued with elemental amplifications via Evan's passive ability, Elemental Shot. In doing so each imbued arrow causes a 5% boost in elemental damage.

    ♦ Quality Rank
    Rank II

    ♦ Historical Info
    An apparatus of his trade in the Vunetian Military, Evan was not granted the right to use such a weapon until well into his placement and training. Recognized for his keen sense of being able to assess a battlefield as well as his quick and agile approach to combat. He was deemed a potential for a hunter class infantry. To which he was enrolled and still trains towards to this day. Upon completing a year's dedication he was presented with a weapon more suited to his needs out in the field.
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