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Evan Arenbrose

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Evan Arenbrose
The King's Cross

Biographical Information:
Nationality: Vunetra
Birth Date: March 1
Age: 19 Years

Physical Description:
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet 0 inches
Weight: 190 Pounds
Appearance: A man in his early years of life. Evan stands at a total of a known six feet tall making him well above average of most other men around him. His weight counters such a towering appearance by allowing him to total in at about a hundred and ninety pounds. Heavy enough to take another down to their backs but light enough to remain agile in his needs of combat. Fairly attractive with decent chisel curves. This can be particularly noted in his chin and shoulders. Though he stands with the grace and stature of a fully grown man of experience. There is just the slightest touch of boyish charm in his face complimented by the smooth and silky style of his golden blonde hair as well as the gentleness of his light blue eyes. Overall his body structure is very lean but clearly well taken care of. The tone of muscular mass barely hidden if he were to undress. Otherwise it's visible in places about his typical uniform. Lightly tanned skin, proof enough he has spent his fair share in the outdoors of the world he serves. He's is a generally well sized specimen for his class. Usual attire for this dashing huntsmen is a standard Elite Type infantry uniform made for the Vunetian Military. Somewhat representable to that of a highly detailed black school uniform. Down to the shirt, pants, and shoes. A small red cape adorns the back, it's color a representation to his place in service to Vunetra's security.

Personal Information:
Personality: Calm and collected, Evan has a firm mind about him. Able to calculate and think things through to detail. Keeping keen and quick to pick up on details and developments as situations come and go. Very to the point and in want to keep time. He will not hesitate to give answers as simply as he possibly can making him rather blunt sounding at times. By doing so he means no ill will but rather to keep the conversation towards a productive point of reason. High sense of work ethic and want to maintain order in society. He will do what is necessary to keep the peace even if something doesn't necessarily agree with him at the time. Though he is human, he does formulate his own opinions on such matter but keeps them on the silence of his tongue until he is able to speak his mind to those he can trust to tell on more private terms. One to respect the authority. He will take orders of those higher up with the kind of respect and attention he believes they deserve. Though there have been individuals he deems unsuited for the roles of leadership of any kind. He keeps such notions to himself and carries out the deeds given unto him with as much proficiency as he is able to muster. Through this apparent non social, workaholic appearance Evan is known to be quite the friendly guy. He enjoys people regardless of what he'd have them believe on the battlefield and being able to engage in activities beyond his duties to Vunetra brings him enjoyment. However he can be a little stiff at first when interacting with new people. In a gist his is a gentle giant with a hard facade in order to keep his personal life and military life separated.

Allies: Vunetra Militants
Enemies: Rebellion
Weapon of Choice: Hunting Bows
Fighting Style: Fast and agile while using the terrain to advantage as necessary. The main focus is small damage output in the quickest amount of time. Using hunting bow and arrow arsenals as his main wield. With enough focus and charge up he aims to hit precise points of targets to take them out in the most effective manner. In more widespread combat spell amplifications becomes the method of choice. Infusing effects and spells into arrow shots to boost their power and add to their effectiveness as far as capabilities. Quick on feet, shoot to kill, the makings of a proper marksmen with a keen eye.

Passive Ability: Elemental Shot - Once every three posts the caster is able to infuse their next arrow with an element of their choosing. By doing so they boost the their next shot's damage output by 5% as well as gain the damaging properties of said element. Ex) Fire burns, lightning shocks, ect.

Statistical Overview
STR: 50
STA: 100
AGI: 150
WIL: 100
APT: 150
WIT: 50

Chronological and Political Information:
Profession: Ranger Lvl 1
Alignment: Lawful
Affiliation: Empire
Background History: Born and raised a child of the grand world of Vunetra. Evan was brought into society as a boy of a middle class family of a merchant and a banker. Son of Bradston and Marlene Arenbrose, Evan was one of two male twins. Overall his life was very much routine from day to day growing up. While his father was out tending to financial needs of wealthy clients and eager investors. His mother remained home to tend the shop that was connected to their home. Originally ownership had belonged to her own parents before her with his mother being the successor to their business. Many times she would tell the stories of how many long years the shop had been within her family's care. However, every time the actual origin was lost to him and his brother. Always some new date being claimed by their dear mother. Nevertheless it was theirs now and theirs alone. So far so good at that, as both his parents made a steady living for them all to live comfortably enough.

Never one to be lonely. As Evan grew older so too did his brother no less than at his side. In the years they had spent with each other. Running around their two story home. Being little rugrats in the shop as customers would come and go. Laughing at their antics as their mother tended to try and settle their nerves in a tizzy of panic. It was all so fun and they had much to share on in those youngest days of boyhood. Even as they grew older there was few and far apart that could separate them for long. Together they were a force to be reckoned with, a duo of absolute power. Anything was possible as long as they had each others backs through it all and for the most part they did. Always being there to help, always being there to for each other. Now this was not to be confused as the two of them did have their days of aggressions but usually it was for not. Their issues only every last a short time before they'd find something more worth while of their energies and focuses.

Well in to teenage hood the difference between the brother would start to show. Though it made them no less from leaving each other. There were roads that each were taking. Evan himself growing into a somewhat serious young man by the day. He came to accept responsibilities a little more than kids his age and found that time was becoming a precious thing to use in importance. Not that his escapades were not without their dedications. Even so he was seeing the world in whole new lights and how society didn't always make sense. Especially at such a delicate age where emotions are unstable at best. Even so his adventurous streak would continues for it's final rides in these ever changing years. His brother, though a little less, at his side ready to take on the world with him.

As time went on, more would be expected of the two. With mother and father well on their ways to considerations of settling down in their older stages of life. It was up to Evan and his brother to finally get on with their lives. A year or two more and they would no longer be children or boys free to roam at their own amusement. They'd be the odd beginnings of capable young men. Young men who had to make a choice. It was time to start being productive to the world. With a shop soon to be in need of new caretakers and two able bodies prime for the succession. The weight of family burden became heavy on the two's shoulder's together. So simple it had been so many years ago. To run through the aisle and mess with the stock on the shelves. It was one thing when they had been kids to imagine owning what had essentially been their own playground. Now however it felt strange. A responsibility they knew was coming and somehow felt like they didn't want. With days ticking away on the expectations of their parents. It was a race to find what made them happier or admit defeat by default.

Days to weeks and weeks edging on a month. Their parents growing impatient and their own minds growing scared. They needed something more, something grander, something bold. As luck would have it they'd have their chance at such a glory but at the cost of being far from normal again. Through the streets they wandered side by side. The clock ticking down on their fates as known. Until the attention was taken from their sorrows. A sign of conscription for the Vunetian forces. Something that's wasn't unusual to say the least and their always seemed to be a man power shortage no matter the time of year. The two brothers exchanged the mental stare down as two siblings of such caliber would, Before their minds could do the right thing each one was dragging the other away in reckless decision. That night their confessions would be made.

Though not necessarily for the better, the two presented their hasted decisions to their parents. The couple less than enthused but nevertheless responding in the mildly concerned fashion. All under a veil of as much patience as they could afford for their sons. The two of them were in for a long haul and their parents knew it well. For any man or woman of the Vunetian Military was trained to the bone and without so much as a single remorse. Needless to say the life ahead for the boys would be exhausting, painful, and nothing short of labor enduced. They would suffer in many ways and at the same time learn so much more than they would be able to stuck inside a sheltered lifestyle. With much hesitation their parents did agree to their terms and within a month or two later Evan and his brother was ship away. Rarely are they able to visit much since that decent.

Since the day of their acceptance Evan and his brother have been hard at work. Their first days as new recruits had been a definite eye open of surprise. Little had they truly realized what they had signed on for and over the course of a year or two they would be quick to find out. If anything good came of their rash approach it surely paid off. Their newly acquired combative experiences and outlooks on life being just a few benefits to list. There was much more good than bad to be had as they did their best to put in as much effort as they could. Once they knew they were in it for the long haul they couldn't complain about every having a dull moment again. In more current days the two have been documented as registered members of an Elite Class of infantry. There they are continuing to hone their crafts and skills in order to maintain peace and prosperity throughout Vunetra.
Evan Arenbrose
The King's Cross
The King's Cross

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