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Post by Altuo Dorian on Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:43 am


    ✮ Ability Rank
    Rank III

    ✮ Ability Class

    ✮ Requirements
    Elemental combination tactics.

    ✮ Duration
    3 Posts

    ✮ Cooldown
    5 Posts

    ✮ Element Alignment
    Glass (Fire / Earth)

    ✮ Ability Effect
    Within a twenty foot radius of Altuo’s position a very thin cloud of glittery particles begin to appear. It then expands at a rapid pace. Though they appear harmless at first in reality these particles are minuscule glass shards. Anyone caught within the cloud has their skin targeted. Any unprotected flesh touched by the particles will start to become irritated. A highly painful itching sensation will occur and progressively get worse the longer the glass remains in contact with skin.
Altuo Dorian
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Adona Arcanum

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