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Post by Altuo Dorian on Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:25 am


    ✮ Ability Rank
    Rank I

    ✮ Ability Class

    ✮ Requirements
    Advanced earth manipulation power. Available metal materials.

    ✮ Duration
    1 Post

    ✮ Cooldown
    2 Posts

    ✮ Element Alignment
    Earth (Metal)

    ✮ Ability Effect
    The user can take take any source of metal and impose their will upon it via manipulation. By doing so they can influence aspects such as size, shape, thickness, and hardness to name a few. The exception to this rule is materials related to keyblade craft. Any metals gathered from outside natural sources can be integrated into things such as weapons and armor to be used in form changes or to even fortify the durability. The more metal that is integrated, the higher the durability can become.
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