Will of the Beast : Weapon Form

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Will of the Beast : Weapon Form

Post by Altuo Dorian on Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:47 am

    ✮ Type of Weapon

    ✮ Weapon Size

    ✮ Elemental Alignment

    ✮ Detailed Appearance
    Naturally Will of the Beast is merely a set of arms guards which cover the entirety of the arm as a whole. The metalwork is intricately designed in such a way that it is both visually appealing and combat functional. A display of a rather balance mixture of where art meets war in unison. Both pieces have been outfitted with bladed portions on the fingertips and elbows for the sake of damage. While the size and mass make up for the more defensive needs. On each shoulder the depictions of a majestic lion are carved in. Highly tailed in their respective designs. The hallow eye sockets have an aesthetic feature that when magic is used they produce a colored glow. When not being used in combat it can be condensed down into two metal bangles on the wrists.

    ✮ Enchantments / Abilities
    Any given aspect of the bangles can be altered to suit the users needs through the use of Altuo’s Metalwork spell. Aspects being size, shape, thickness, and hardness to name a few. They can be formed into almost any weapon on command. With the exception of keyblades. Able to be repaired through similar techniques if damaged of otherwise not in favourable condition. Any metals gathered from outside natural sources can be integrated into the bangles to be used in form changes or to even fortify the durability. The more metal that is integrated, the higher the durability can become.

    Will of the Beast has two main forms in which it can take. A weapon form and an armor form. Both forms can either be used separately on their own or in conjunction with each other. When both forms are active together the limitations of what can be crafted for either start to take effect on the materials divided between the two. The less armor the more available for weapons and effectively vice versa. This limitation becomes less if outside metals are gathered and integrated into the formation.

    ✮ Quality Rank
    Rank III

    ✮ Historical Info
    Crafted over a span of years. What started from a scrap piece of metal lying about the refuge and waste of a world slowly turned into something beautiful. From one piece of simple scrapl Altuo did his best to collect more and more as time went on. Honing his magical talents in ways that he could craft his own needs from the very metals he collected and sure enough with patience he came to find all sorts of designs that could be to his benefit. So much so that this little trick has become a well rounded part of his battle strategics.
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