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Altuo Dorian Maddox

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Altuo Dorian Maddox
Adona Arcanum

Biographical Information:
Nationality: Daybreak Town
Birth Date: September 19th
Age: Appears in Early 20's

Physical Description:
Species: Pureblood Heartless
Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 165 Pounds
Appearance: A highly attractive young male in the eyes of most. Altou stands at a slightly above average height of five feet, ten inches and weighs an approximate total of a hundred and sixty-five pounds. His body is lean in length but rather muscular in shape. Though it doesn't necessarily show through his choice of clothing he has a rather stunning amount of muscles to spare regardless of how small he may appear to be to others. Very much male in means of biology, through all the rippling pectorals there is a mix of soft features. Specifically in the face and hips as they feel more feminine in the way they curve. His complexion is rather fair in comparison to that of his heartless brethren being of a lighter tan tone than the rest. The color of his hair is a very light shade of blonde which can often be mistaken as silver under the sheen of a natural light source. The length and style varies from day to day as he takes particular interest in personal appearance. The same can also be said for the clothing he wears on any given day. Where one day he might wear something flashy and highly revealing. Another he may turn to a more conservative and comfortable choice. Amber eyes provide as one of the few physical traits he shares with the rest who bare the name heartless. On the bottom of each elf like pointed ear are black metallic earrings. One of the few constant pieces of accessory that never leaves his body. Rare to his birth as a humanoid heartless Altuo was awakened with a set of pure black horns upon either side of his head. Pointed upwards and slightly back, they curve in an “S” formation and have a moderate length. They sometimes have a tendency get in the way of activities but that doesn't stop him from enjoying their appeal any less. To match he also has a long back tail that comes to a heart shaped point at the end and naturally black finger nails which though taken care of are sharp much like claws.

Personal Information:
Personality: In his own mind Altou believes to live up to his name sake. The lifestyle of a princely figure though his inner ambitions are often enough to prove otherwise. Able to act kind and heart warming on command. He's not far from a gentlemen in some ways while in others he's a little devil. At first he can appear to be quite charming and sweet upon approach. A man with an elegant sense of class and sophistication. However, underneath the veil of these surface emotions are hidden sensual desires and impulses. Mischievously playful with a knack for sly comments. When one is brave enough to take things further with him a more ambitious nature becomes apparent. Flirtatious and yet somehow still touched by a hint of grace. Altuo takes all the advantage to slowly break a person until all they can do is submit to their own weaknesses. He does so subtly in the beginning, saving the more energy intensive stuff for later. Beyond more than just looks, Altou is actually rather intelligent for his own good. Studied in a variety of different subjects and themes from his previous life. When in the pursuit of knowledge he often shows signs of excitement through curiosity. Often times mysterious in the sense he doesn't say or do more than he needs to. Both in life and personal matters. In gist he is a well versed young man with potential at his fingertips and more than time itself to enjoy what life has to offer in all respects.

Allies: Lesser Heartless
Enemies: None Documented
Weapon of Choice: Elemental Manipulations
Fighting Style: Mainly magical prowess dependent both for offensive and defensive tactics. Tends to try and keep an even balance of assorted magics at disposal but overall is considered a magus powerhouse. With MP put well to use. Physical tactics are second to magic being used in tandem with them via elemental manipulations. In case, mainly metalworks that are shifted from one form to the next to suit the desired needs of the situation.

Passive Ability: Corridor of Darkness - User is able portal to and from known locations that they have previously visited once before. This is limited to travel and is terribly hard to use in combat properly if attempted.

Statistical Overview
STR: 50
STA: 100
AGI: 50
WIL: 100
APT: 150
WIT: 150

Chronological and Political Information:
Profession: Black Mage Lvl 01
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation: Compulsive Pandemonium
Background History: Born and raised in the world of Daybreak Town. Altou was one of three kids born to a fairly average couple. Father was hardworking shop keeper while his mother was the stay at home type. Of the three children. He was known to be the more ambitious and attentive. Though not necessarily the most well behaved. He had a knack for study and information. Often being noted for engaging in theories and myths surrounding his home land. If there was story he wanted to know about it and it never stopped there.

As a child Altou showed signs of hermit like behaviour. Being graced with an ever active brain and a need to know everything was generally the number one cause. However, he did his best to keep relations with friends and family when he was able. Sure it was understood that he sought more out of life than just being another normal kid but with a rather constant attitude of all work and no play. It became rather concerning at points to never see him leave his books. Taking note, his parents would often encourage his brother and sister to take his attention. Which he knew better of. So as a means to keep them all satisfied he would allow them such time. The sooner they were happy the sooner he could return to what made him equally so.

While life progressed forward so too did Altuo. Growing into the age of a young teenage boy opened his eyes a little. Yes, there were things to study and worlds upon worlds of information to gather. At the same time the worlds held opportunities to be explored and taken. The more time he spent outside and with others the more he realized. He was missing the fruits that said life had to offer. If he didn't leave his little bubble then he would die a lonely fool some day. So from that point on he made an active effort to be included in more things. Making sure to balance both academia and experience in fairly equal portion.

Before he knew it those days would soon be behind him. With stories to tell and memories to hold onto. He took the next step and enrolled into Daybreak's militant school upon the age of eighteen. It was there he trained in combat as well as being able to further his years of study to the next stage. Though no real threat was upon their world at the time. He felt a pride in being able to serve his people and in such a way that his skills served a better purpose. He would continue his service to them for several years after graduation. Little regret standing in his way.

Eventually serving as tactician for the Daybreak militia. Altuo lived a decent life of his own as a man. When he wasn't commanding armed forces or playing secretary to his superiors. He was off traversing distant planets. First hand experiencing their cultures and people. The way their communities thrived and lived. All to make each day count to the fullest. Such preference of freedom would become a routine. Right up until the darkest day to strike his beloved homeland.

Blood split. Lives lost. Whole families sent to the gallows of the Underworld. On the day that marked the siege of Daybreak Town. A single man in a mask entered. One with power beyond imagination. Power enough to topple buildings and command loyalties. No matter the force and the numbers. This one single monster was able to stand against the world itself and before anyone could realize chaos was unleashed. It was on that one day that the town cried out in unison. The cry of suffering as lives in abundance were selflessly taken. Lives which included soldiers, innocents, and even the their governing monarch. As well as one young man brave enough to stand and fight alongside his people. That one man being Altuo. In a last attempted to give his all to his nation he played the noble act and gave his own life to the cause. In the end he met the same tragic fate as the rest.

Upon his dying breathe his begged the gods to spare his home, spare his people, and if there was still time. That he too might be spared upon ascending to the heavenly plain. After that there was silence. To surprise Altuo did awaken again. Surrounded by darkness from every corner he assumed this was punishment. Though for what he could not understand. Wandering aimless in the dark he found himself changed. As if to say, for a man that had met a grim fate he was different. Energetic and revitalized. He couldn't make sense of it all. Till finally something caught his attention. For a scared as he was there lacked a simple reaction. The beat of a pulse. It seemed something had accepted his wish to be spared but not in the way he had meant.

Since that first step into life anew. Altuo had made sense of his situation and accepted the gift he was dealt. However, highly troubled with the development of such from the beginning. Over the course of five years he's learned to not bite the proverbial hand that gave him the second chance and rather use this as an opportunity for other more important focuses.
Altuo Dorian
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