Day at the market. (Open to whoever, just ask first)

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Day at the market. (Open to whoever, just ask first)

Post by Lunar Cataphract on Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:05 pm

Like any other usual day in the desert land of Agrabah the sun was high up in the sky scorching the yellow lands below and it was this very same sun that illuminated Eremita's objective. As the shape shifting female was nothing more than a crystal structure suspended in a body created of a viscous liquid, she was about eighty percent water which meant the high heat was causing her to start evaporating rapidly. Luckily enough, before she left the village herself and her family had created out in the desert Eremita had enough foresight to bring along an entire barrel's worth of water, about twelve gallons, which she had pretty much drunk dry but that didn't really matter any more as the women had reached her destination. Making sure that her body's appearance was the same as how she normally looked, which was more difficult then you'd think for a shape shifter, Eremita dragged herself over the sand dune between her and Agrabah's front gate, slowly walking towards it. One might think that running towards the gate after such a long walk through the desert may be a practical idea, but Eremita had no idea if she'd be able to find water or not inside of the city and so was trying to conserve the water that she currently had inside of her body. Anyway, after a good five or so minutes of even more walking, not that Eremita could get tired as she has no muscles, the shape shifter reached the front gate of the city.

It seemed that despite the fact Eremita had just walked through a desert over five or so days that her trials wouldn't be ending anytime soon. The trial I am speaking of was the one at the gates, as due to recent issues with thieves inside of Agrabah the Sultan in charge decided questioning and searching anybody who wished to enter or exit the city, which made a lot of sense but any sense that requirement did create wasn't enough to dismiss the annoyance involved. After she approached the guards and tried to gain entry in the city Eremita's temper started to get the better due to these two people, one a fat man and the other a much thinner person which seemed more like a comedy duo but whatever. During the course of her rather passionate argument with these two people Eremita learned that they where called Laurel and Hardy, which didn't change the fact Eremita was still stuck outside this city. Despite her numerous attempts to gain entry through the gate she was left with no real alternative except to sit down underneath a a rocky over hang and simply..god she didn't even know, sure it was possible for her to return back home but her body would evaporate before she even made it a quarter of the way. "Uggghh...why can't they let me in.....I'm getting thirsty again..." sighing to herself the black haired shape shifter pouted, resting her head on her hands staring longingly at the gate, wishing she could enter.
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