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New | Dæmons Explained + Template

Post by Axis Genesis on Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:51 pm

If any of you have seen the Golden Compass, Mitsuki thought this would be a little fun to have on this site. You are allowed one pet, but this is not just some pet you should swing around on a leash and abuse. This pet is your Dæmon; pronounced Dee-mon. Dæmons are your souls in animal spirits. While as a child, your Dæmon can change into any animal it sees fit, based on your personality from influences on your life. Once you have reached a certain age, your Dæmon will just stop changing all together, being that it stays with that form for the rest of your life. Dæmons are always around you are never leave the same area. If one shall, you will be as an empty shell without emotions. If your Dæmon is hurt, so shall you. If you are struck, your Dæmon shall feel your pain. Take care of your Dæmon. For once it dies, you will die with it. Once you die, it is up to your Dæmon to get you as far from the battle as it can. Your Dæmon will be far more protected than you are, making it hard for them to die as easily as you are. If one should have no Dæmon, it only means they are still fused within one’s body, both sharing the same life force all together. If anything is still within a gray area, please PM myself, or another admin, and we shall add it in for you and other members to fully understand.

Well, without further adieu, let us see the Template.

    Name: (What is the Dæmon's name?)Animal Form: (The species of animal that the Dæmon resembles.)Gender: (Usually, most Dæmons are of the opposite gender of yourself.)Height: (How tall is your Dæmon? In feet please.)Appearance: (No fantasy images of animals that are completely different, such as a dog with wings. However, unique mythological creatures can be accepted, with a bit of proof about being a real creature.)

[b]Animal Form:[/b]

To shed some light on the gray areas:

-> Age: Your Dæmon is of the same age as you are, because they are your souls.

-> Stamina: Dæmons are going to have more health than you are; this is to keep them from dying faster than you do. This being said, Dæmons have a STA rating equal your own multiplied by five.

-> Damage: Dæmons are not ones to attack, so their damage is equal to 2 ranks lower than your highest available weapon.

-> Death: If you die, make sure your Dæmon gets your body out of there as quickly as possible before they die themselves. Small Dæmons, of about 0 to 1.11 feet, are able to posses the ability to teleport your body away a maximum of 20 feet at a time/post. Medium sized Dæmons, of about 2 to 3.11 feet, can teleport you at about 10 feet per post. Large Dæmons, of anything higher than 4 feet, are to carry you away by any means. If you Dæmon is killed before you are, then you die as well. The body can’t live without the soul.

-> Separation: *If you are separated from your Dæmon, your body becomes emotionless until reunited. You will do anything to obtain your Dæmon back, even means of own physical torture, as long as nothing extreme as to kill themselves or cause severe damage that will require immediate attention before going into a coma.

-> Distances: *Certain lengths can be met before you are fully separated from your Dæmon. Normal users can be separated by a total of 10 feet/or topics. This means within the same world, only in a different topic. Moderators can have up to 20/or by one world in the list. This means if you are in Fortuna, your Dæmon can be in either Snow White's House, or Traverse town, and still have a strong link connection. Basically if you have seen the Golden Compass at all, Admin Dæmons are like Witch's Dæmons. They can be worlds apart. An example of this would be if an admin is in Destiny Islands and their Dæmon is on Eternal Sonata.

-> Relationship: Your Dæmon shares the same feelings are you do, making it so if you are sad, so shall they. They will do whatever it takes to cheer you up, so long as it does not include any means of hurting themselves or you. They share your emotions with you and will feel the same rage.

-> Interaction: You Dæmons know the human language and are able to freely speak to another Dæmon or human. It is up to you if they talk to just you or not.

Please, do not hesitate to contact an admin about any gray areas you still might have, or even a gray area within a gray area explanation.
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