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New | Forms: Template and Rules

Post by Axis Genesis on Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:55 pm

- Forms and Stances -
Please do not post multiple armor and/or weapon applications in a single creation topic. They must all be in their own.

Pictures are encouraged. If possible. As they help to further understand the design and capabilities.

When applying abilities  or a duration to forms. Please refer to the Limit Grid that has been listed below.

- - -
Name: (The name of the form?)

Requirements: (Is there anything specific that is needed to be able to use this form?)

Duration: (How long does the form last? Use post to measure this.)

Level: (What level is your form based at? This helps to gauge capabilities.)

Advantages: (What are the benefits when taking this form?)

Drawbacks: (What are the negatives to taking this form?)

Capabilities: (What is the form able to do? Does it have any special techniques that can be used with it? Limit for the amount of abilities a form can have are listed below for reference.)

Description: (The physical appearance of what the form looks like. Also what happens to you when taking this form. 150 word minimum.)

History: (The origin of the form. How you obtained it and essentially the explanation where it comes from. 250 word minimum.)

- - -
Forms Grid:
LevelStock LimitForm AbilitiesForm Duration
1153 posts
2153 posts
3253 posts
4253 posts
5363 posts
6365 posts
7465 posts
8465 posts
9565 posts
10577 posts
11677 posts
12677 posts
13777 posts
14777 posts
15887 posts
16889 posts
17989 posts
18989 posts
191089 posts
201099 posts
211199 posts
221199 posts
2312912 posts
2412912 posts
25131015 posts
26131015 posts
27141015 posts
28141015 posts
29151015 posts

Forms and Stances Grid (c) Respective Staff
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