New | Equipment: Template and Rules

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New | Equipment: Template and Rules

Post by Axis Genesis on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:39 pm

- Weapons and Armor -

Please do not post multiple armor and/or weapon applications in a single creation topic. They must all be in their own.

Pictures are encouraged. If possible. As they help to further understand the design and capabilities.

When creating an item that is summonable, please state so in the abilities section of the template.

- - -
Name: (The name of your weapon.)

Type: (What type of weapon is it?)

Appearance: (The physical design of your weapon. Please be as descriptive as possible even if you do include a picture.)

Abilities/Functions: (Is your weapon capable of any particular abilities or functions?)

Rank: (What type of damage is your weapon capable of? What type of damage is your armor capable of withstanding?)

History: (How did you obtain this weapon? 200 words minimum.)

- - -

Upon gaining a level, you are granted one additional Weapon and Armor slot (ie At level 1 you're allowed one Weapon and 1 Armor, level 2 two Weapons and 2 Armors, etc.)
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