...My Prayers Have Been Answered.

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...My Prayers Have Been Answered.

Post by Abigail Parker on Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:01 am

Alright. I may have to reevaluate my stance on the existence of God because of this.

Before I get into any "official" analysis of this trailer, I should get this outta the way:


And with that, time to go a bit more in depth.

First off, the character designs. We really only see Sol and Ky in this (with brief glimpses of Millia Rage and Eddie/Zato-1). But what we do see, I like. While I thoroughly enjoyed Sol's complete overhaul in Overture (though that jacket was a bitch to make), I am glad that they went back to basics with him, while adding minor changes. And of course, they kept the bitchin' ponytail and the headband. But from what I can tell, they've completely redesigned the Fireseal again, which is... eh. Not that big a deal. My only gripe is that it looks more like a lighter than the original design did, which is saying something. As for Ky... Again, back to basics with his design. However, I kinda don't like that approach with him, as we sort of lose the regality and "kingly air" that he had goin' on in Overture (even if he did seem a bit girly. Seriously dude? High heels? You ain't Raiden from Metal Gear. *HIIIIIYOOOO!*). They could've at least let him keep the circlet he was rockin' in Overture. Unless he isn't a king anymore... Also, did they have to give Ky his own ponytail? I mean, there's showing age, and then there's making a character seem like a palate swap of another. Granted, Ky's new 'tail isn't nearly as long as Sol's, but still. A bit too similar in my opinion. That aside, the only other thing of note is that Frenchie has ditched Aquila for a new sword (which is still not the Thunderseal, since that's basically gone bye-bye to keep a certain Maiden of the Grove alive). Seems like everyone's gettin' fancy new gear. And for what we see of Millia... I'd have to see more than what we got to really make a judgment call on it. I am glad that she doesn't have the same blue and white color scheme as Ky does anymore. Eddie doesn't seem to have changed at all, which is acceptable since... well, he's a corpse. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the other characters (How much ya wanna bet they're gonna find a way to make I-No look even more skimpy?).

Next, graphics. Rockin'. Still keeps the Guilty Gear feel with the cel shading and side scrolling perspective. But the fact that they're in 3D now offers a lot of opportunities for unique visual direction during things like special attacks and Instant Kills, hell, maybe even intros. Can't wait to see what Arc System Works does with it. And as always, the animations are top notch. Also, as a side note, the 3D graphics introduces the option for alternate costumes, which could be interesting. Although I hope they keep the alternate color palate options from previous games, as those were always fun. Also, they better keep Gold and Black characters.

And then there's the music. We only get a brief snippet of what we should be expecting on the soundtrack. But honestly, that snippet was more than enough for me. "Heavy Day" is a fucking metal track (with Engrish to boot!) that basically puts it out on the table that, like with a lot of other things, Daisuke Ishiwatari is going back to his roots with the Guilty Gear soundtrack. While Overture's music was insanely awesome ("Diva" was an orgasmic blend of symphony and hard rock, and "Holy Orders III (Be Just or Be Dead)" was just... Well, lemme say it this way; If I had to charge into battle with nothing but a sword and a few hundred guys backing me up, I'd want that shit playing in the background), listening to it now, it just feels too same-y when compared to Blazblue's OST, which I also love. So in order for GG to maintain a separate identity from BB, I feel a return to standard form is a good move on Ishiwatari's part. Still, if "Keep The Flag Flying" makes it into Xrd's soundtrack, it better remain relatively untouched. In short, I know the soundtrack's gonna be nothing short of face-melting goodness, and I can't wait to see what Ishiwatari does with classics like "Holy Orders" and "Keep Yourself Alive."

Now, for my hopes as to what will make it into the game and what won't. I really hope all the characters from Guilty Gear XX through Accent Core will put in an appearance (Especially Order-Sol. I kick ass with him.). I-No, Bridget, Zappa, Chipp, Baiken, Anji. If they were in the recent re-re-release of XX, they damn well better make it in. I also hope Sin from Overture appears, although I could live with him being unplayable. In terms of new faces... Well, I just hope we get the chance to give That Man a proper asswhoopin', instead of that pansy ass Bullet Hell shit we got in Overture. Moving on from characters, if they decide to include English voices (which I kinda sorta hope they do), I hope they bring back Troy Baker for Sol Badguy and Liam O'Brien for Ky Kiske. Those two were just perfect for those characters. And hopefully they'll bring in some other A listers for the rest of the roster (My pick for I-No is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. She's got the same sorta "sexy personified" quality to her voice that I-No's seiyuu, Kikuko Inoue, has goin' on.). In terms of mechanics, I'm certain things will remain relatively unchanged. Instant Kills are a staple of the series, so there's no way in Heaven (or Hell. Heh heh...) that those'll be left out... Unless the guys at Arc took blunt trauma to the head some time in the past few years. Guard Bursts will probably remain, as will Roman Cancels and FRCs (read as: mid-combo cancel). Other than that, what they'll add or take away is a mystery at this point. Story-wise, all I know is that they're pickin' up a year after Overture, so the story will probably deal with the "great threat" That Man hinted at after Sol had defeated Valentine. That, or another Gear will be raising Hell. It'd be interesting to fight, say, that Hydra thing that's mentioned in supplemental materials. Damn thing was apparently so powerful, it couldn't be killed and had to be sealed away. And the only other Gear that had to be sealed away was Justice, sooo... Yeah. Shit'd get nasty, real quick.

And that about covers it, I think. All I can really say is that I am stoked for this, and will be keeping as up to date on it as possible.

Anyways, feel free to post your opinions here, yadda yadda. Long as things remain civil, everything should be hunky-dory.

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Re: ...My Prayers Have Been Answered.

Post by Xendraw on Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:06 am


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