Computer Virus

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Computer Virus

Post by Simon Ambrosius on Sun May 05, 2013 8:52 am

And, boy howdy, is it ever bad.

It's one of those ones that locks you completely out of your computer, until you pay $300 to some account. And, of course, I can't find the system restore discs I made.

It's mad inconvenient, but, not all is lost. I still have my iPhone, as you can see. And, my dinosaur of a desktop should still be working; it was the last time I checked.

So, don't despair. I have a friend who is genius with this sort of thing. Shouldn't be long. And, I still mean to rp. Depending on if that desktop still works, there should be little to no change in my activity. If not? Well , I'll still be rping. I may just not be as quality as usual.

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