Kai Hitaro, Dark Lord of Vunetra

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Kai Hitaro, Dark Lord of Vunetra

Post by Kai Hitaro on Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:41 pm

Name: Kai Hitaro

Biographical Information:
Nationality: Vunetra
Age: 21
Birth Date: 3/29

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175lbs
Picture/description: Kai is tall and relatively slender. He has decently-sized arm muscles from his training, and has strong-looking legs as well. He has brown hair that he keeps short and spikes back. His eyes are purple, but not a truly colorful purple. They're a purple that appears to be soulless like black would. His upper outfit consists of a leather tank top that clings to his body, and a matching brown long scarf. The scarf appears to be made of silk, but is oddly durable, not to mention long. It's an ubsurdly long scarf. He has a dragon tattoo on his upper left arm, and on his lower arms and hands, he wears a pair of leather gauntlets that have gold-trimming at the edge, as well as a pair of leather gloves. He wears a similar style of pants, except for around his waist, where he wears a gold-trimmed sash and a belt.

Personal Information:
Allies: Ren Hitaro, Meiko Touya, Axis Genesis, Sora
Enemies: Heartless, Nobodies, Demons
Weapon of Choice: Kai usually wields a Deadly combination of both a Katana and a Double-Bladed Sword.
Fighting Style: Kai likes to dash in and out of combat, hitting enemies where it hurts but avoiding their own blows as often as possible.

Passive Ability - Midnight's Embrace:
Whenever Kai is below 50% max HP, he passively converts 5% of his max MP into HP every post until he is above 50% HP again. If below 50% HP and Kai has no MP, he gains 5% increased evasion instead.

ATK: 300
DEF: 100
EVA: 200
POT: 100

Chronological and Political Information:
Profession: Thief
Affiliation: Empire
(697/500 Words) Background History:
Kai was born just before his sister, Ren. He doesn't even remember the ordeal himself, he'd fallen asleep right after being pulled out of the womb. That was how he spent the first few years of his life mostly. Sleeping. He wasn't a very noisy child, or a particularly active one. As he started to grow older, however, he started having too much energy, and nobody could keep him still or quiet for more than a few seconds. He would do all sorts of adventurous things, like climbing the palace walls or sneaking around the town disguised as a merchant's son. At least HE thought they were adventurous. One day he saw his first pickpocket, and this was the day he started training his agility in that particular manner. Mind you, he didn't start with real pockets. He tucked a handkerchief into one of his coats, hung it over a chair and practiced picking that one first. When he felt comfortable with it, he then started to go and do it out on the town. He never kept anything he took, because he didn't need it, but he took a lot; he was gifted at it.
Soon though, they made him stop. It wasn't that they didn't like him training himself, it was that he now needed to be trained how to fight. He used every weapon in the arsenal multiple times, until he eventually got down to just two: a Double-bladed sword, or a katana. He couldn't pick just one, so they hired a tutor specifically to train him in the art of wielding two weapons. As Kai mastered his skills though, so did his sister. A nasty piece of work she was, having known for a long time that one of them would eventually have to kill the other, and having not told him until right before his new tutor arrived. He was determined to be the winner, he didn't want his lying little sister to lord over his people. He got madder at her every passing day until his mind went blank with anger. He doesn't actually remember anything from over the next few months or so, just that he woke up in the middle of a battlefield with his world being overrun by the heartless he'd apparently brought there. He quickly forgave his sister for lying to him, then proceed to push her through a portal so she wouldn't die. He looked far and wide for other survivors, but the only one he could find was a mage named Meiko Touya. He sent her through a portal, then rushed through another portal by himself. He came to again on Destiny Islands, where Sora had just finished his mark of mastery and was celebrating. Sora seemed like quite a skilled swordsman, so Kai had Sora train him for a while. It was here where Kai learned how to wield a keyblade, although its a skill he rarely uses. Although when he wants to use it - watch out, he has a wide variety of keychains in his collection. After gaining his own Mark of Mastery, Kai found out that his sister had become a nobody herself; so he rushed to her side to save her before someone else ended her life permanently. After saving his sister, their world was... relocated. Kai gathered Sora and some of his other friends - and together they went and repaired the world completely, clearing it of heartless and unlocking its heart. By the end of the process, Kai was already several worlds away - just to prevent conflict with Ren. He was done fighting. But then their mother died, and since their father had died during Kai's invasion, Kai decided he should go pay his respects. However, he should have made sure Ren wasn't doing so on the same day - because the ritual had started. To make a long story short, Ren won and Kai died.
God knows how long it had been since that moment.. for it was all one long stretch of blackness to Kai.. but he awoke, to find that the young mage he had once saved had now risen him from the dead.

(273/250 Words) Personality:
Kai's personality has changed a whole lot since he died. Before his death, Kai was almost just like his sister- with the only difference being his temperament. He was very quick to anger back then, and in order to prevent a rampage he took to a pact of non-violence. However, that was then. This is now. Kai is not anywhere as bubbly as either Meiko or his sister are. He prefers to avoid communication whenever possible, believing that a good fight is the only solution, and that the clashing of blades is the only true language. Once you've gained his trust, either by beating him or by putting up a good fight, he opens up a little. Not a lot, but enough that he'll speak to you. Kai has a habit of twirling his double-bladed sword around when not using it, if you ask him why when he's in a good mood, he'll tell you that it calms him down. If you ask him why during any other mood, however... Your neck might not appreciate his answer. Kai doesn't seem to appreciate the company of animals, in fact he tends to avoid it. If the animal annoys him, Kai will give it a verbal warning, then a physical warning, then the executioner's block.
The only time you'll ever see Kai genuinely happy is either during or after a good fight. Before a good fight always depends on present company, and if the enemies are noticeable yet. Kai gets really pissed off at just the sight of heartless, nobodies or demons and will only cheer up as he starts hacking them to tiny bits.
Kai Hitaro
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Re: Kai Hitaro, Dark Lord of Vunetra

Post by Mitsuki Ishida on Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:42 pm

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