Team Dai-gurren needs Members

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Team Dai-gurren needs Members

Post by Simon the Digger on Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:54 pm

Calling out to all Rp'ers on this forum, Due to my inactivity over the last year and a half I have lost contact with most of my RP'er buddies, so I am asking you now for help.

I am planning on assembling a group of characters based around 5 members of Team Dai-Gurren from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann. Those being:
  • Simon the Digger (Me) - Beastmaster
  • Kamina - Pally/Warrior, (planning something like an aura attack buff that works on all allied players/summons in the topic. Extra on Dai-Gurren Members) uses Dai-katana's
  • Nia Teppelin - Bard/White Mage, (Planning something like an aura Defense buff that works on all allied players/summons in topic. Extra on Dai-Gurren Members.)
  • Yoko Littner - Ranger/Black Mage, um havent thought about anything for her passive, uses larger, long range rifles
  • Viral (Larcs Hex) - Rogue, dual wields

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