Zankas Vytiaz

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Zankas Vytiaz

Post by Zankas Vytiaz on Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:58 pm


    Zankas Vytiaz

Biographical Information:


      Demon Realm



    Birth Date:  

      October 31

Physical Description:







    Picture/description: (164 words)

      A skinny, almost boney figure, of a boy standing at a height of about four foot eight. The only other notable features are the boy’s long silver hair, reaching down to his hips in the back, armpits on the front sides, and just above the eyebrows for his bangs. In addition to his silver hair, his ears are the likes of fox ears that are a dark silver, almost grey color. His eyes are blood red all around, becoming a darker red in the iris and a solid black slit for the pupil. His skin is pale white, almost as if it has never seen a source of light since he was born. Usually the boy is seen wearing a white kimono that is lined, on the inside and boarders, with a gold painted fabric. The last known feature, one that isn’t usually seen, is a message written on his chest in a blood rune. A message that states his banishment and unpure bloodline.

Personal Information:


      Almost Anyone


      Almost everyone who he doesn’t know

    Weapon of Choice:


    Fighting Style:

      Animalistic fighting style. His gauntlets are more gloves with sharp blades for claws on them. He mixes a style of tiger and Shaolin fighting styles.

    Passive Ability:

      Passively gains 1% mana back each post.

    Eh, will do this later:









Chronological and Political Information:




      Compulsive Pandemonium

    Background History:

      The Story Thus Far:
      The birth of Zankas was not like the likes of anyone else. Some are born in normal families, some are then granted abilities. Some are born from magical families and are even born with royal bloodlines. Zankas was born into exile, forced to live a life of banishment just because of who his parents were. The birth was still more unnatural that that one anyone else born in exile. The banishment was forced on the Vytiaz in a way where a blood rune was placed on the few that were banished and passed down to each of their kids. The blood rune puts their life in the palms of any Ishida to take with just the mere utter of the word. The Ishida, who placed the rune on the exiles, passed down the word to his son, and he to his son. It is unknown if Hiro Ishida pass the word on to his son due to the Vytiaz bloodline never even showing hint of their existence since their banishment. If anything, the Ishidas would believe that the Vytiazs died off. This was not true and the Vytiazs instead were in deep hiding. Hiding that pushed them so far in the blackness of the world that even the light of fire was hard to find. On the Brightside, this gave the Vytiazs a natural ability to see perfectly in the dark as though there was light. Yet, it was unknown to them if they could even handle the light of day anymore. Though the darkness make their eyes a pitch black color as well, the eye was still trained to constrain to a single slit in the presence of light to protect vision. Zankas’s family was a small one, only being born in a handful of them with an older brother and sister. The two of them were twins and the pride of the Vytiaz bloodline. The twins were born to a respected Vytiaz that passed away, or was killed, a few years before Zankas was born. Zankas was born with a unique demon for his father. Not much was known of this demon. This demon was nothing like any of the normal demons nor was it the kind to stay around. Most people just thought that Zankas was born from a whore mother and a lesser demon. It didn’t help that Zankas was also the youngest of his generation. His elder brother and sister didn’t even acknowledge Zankas as a brother and disowned their mother for what she did. Growing up, Zankas was teased by his elder brother and sister Vytiazs; the whole of the Vytiaz kids always tormenting and beating him up to the point of near death. Elders would always turn a blind eye to the problems that were happening with the kids. It was good character building according to them. The only one that ever cared about Zankas was his mother who tried to help him deal with his problems the best the little demon would let her. Normally Zankas was found alone, away from all types of creatures. A rage for his own family continuously growing with each passing day. Life was pretty much the same every day from here on. Their designated time for studies would force Zankas to be near the other kids where he then had to run as fast as he could from them once studies were over. Most of the time, he would make his escape. Whenever he didn’t, he was left to lie in his own blood until the Vytiaz regeneration powers would heal him enough to let him limp away to his usual spot. Usually, the damage caused wouldn’t be too bad; a few broken limps, turn flesh, and deep cuts that go a few inches into the little boy’s body. The days where he isn’t lucky, he body is skinned, limbs ripped off, throat torn apart. Usually Zankas will miss a day of studies due to still lying in his own blood, trying to regenerate. His mother was usually good and determining the time frame he usually shows up and, when he misses it, she goes searching for him. When his mother couldn’t find him in time, he would be punished by the elders for missing out on his studies. Punishment usually meant that Zankas will be forced to fight one of the elders for disrespecting them. Other times he will need to do extra studies given to him by the other kids. The second option was always never a good one. Instead of studies, his elder twin siblings would give him horrible tasks.Life repeated itself for the better half of Zankas’s life. Anything good that happened to him was instantly taken away by the other kids. Anything he obtained would be destroyed. His elder brother would constantly beat on him and threaten a worse fate with the coming years should he not run away or end his own pathetic life; threats that were carried out exactly as they were foretold. Every birthday Zankas had been more a day of his death. The punishment involved state of tortured cruelty that took several days to recover from, each year bringing a longer torture time. Zankas thought about how he wanted to do exactly what his brother wants him to do: leave. He wished every day that he could, but he couldn’t. Where would he go? How would he survive? Around Zankas’s 28th birthday, his brother threatened not his life, but the life of his mother. He stated he would not let her live and her suffering will be just as great as what Zankas would have received. Zankas, knowing full well that his brother was going to stay true to his word, tried to warn his mother, get her to leave. He tried to get her to go with him and the two of them could leave their family. His mother simply smiled and told him that things were going to be okay, to not worry. Things weren’t okay, they only went downhill. On Zankas’s birthday, his mother would disappear, unheard of by anyone else in the family of her whereabouts, not that they actually cared about her anyway. Some even seemed to be a little happier for the coming few days that she wasn’t there. The child, born from a whore, was left alone in the world. The next years were only harder on Zankas. He no longer has his protector, he had no home he could be safe in. The other kids trashed his home, breaking everything and tearing everything else. Upon coming home, Zankas was stopped by both his brother and sister. Zankas would live the next week torn open and hung from the ceiling to drain. He then lived the next week hanging from his ceiling before gaining strength enough to let him lie on the floor a while. This caused him to miss the most amount of studies he has ever, making the elders furious that he wasn’t spending that time dead.Simple punishment wasn’t going to cut it and he was worked like a slave, without time to rest. It was apparently good for him anyway, so the elders would say. Zankas did the only thing he was good at anymore for the next few years: took orders. He became the elder’s lapdog, mistreated as a slave of pleasure. No one cared about the boy enough to pay attention on the abuse he would receive. The only benefit anyone saw from him was he might actually be a weapon to use for the Vytiaz one day. This was Zankas’s plan from the beginning. He was going to take the abuse and slave over his learning so he could get better and leave with the skill to live on his own. The abuse grew harder on Zankas’s mind with each passing month. There were times he even felt his own grasp on his mind slip to a point where he had no free will of his own. He learned to leave clues that could be placed in plain sight, while blending in, which would help him remember his goal, to keep his will intact. For the most part they worked, he never lost himself completely, yet remembered the way he acted while being lost. He tried to pretend to fake these actions, which he found only made himself lose sight of things quicker. It would get so bad that Zankas would blank memories of the past hours, days, weeks, sometimes months. The only thing that was ever retained was the random information he kept from the studies during that time. He knew that if he didn’t leave soon, he probably wouldn’t be able to leave at all. Thoughts like that scared him the most. It was only until he blacked out for almost a whole year did he finally realize he would not be able to come back from another episode if he continued to live like this.Due to how striped he was of rights by now, Zankas didn’t have many options of how he could leave. Soon, he started to not care and would just take any opportunity he got. It wouldn’t be easy at all. If he tried to leave and failed, he would only be punished severely. There was already too much time invested into the boy’s will to do exactly what he’s told for the elders to kill him. Zankas didn’t know if that was a good thing, or bad. In his mind, being dead seemed almost the same as losing all will to the elders. The only benefit he would get from it is the fact the elders won’t be able to use him for the weapon they want him to be. However, just like how they invested time into him, he already invested time in his plan to learn immensely and then leave. If he were to die, then he forced himself to take the abuse and sexual torment from his elders for nothing. The only thing that would make him happier is to get away from them and live for himself. Live so that one day he could come back and murder every Vytiaz that he knew as family. This made him try even harder to find a way that would give him the chance to flee. The elders had already caught on of this plan after the first attempt, so it couldn’t be done by normal means. Though risky, Zankas will have to pretend he is back in his state of stripped free will; an act that may cause him to finally lose himself if it continued longer than he can resist.Just when Zankas felt he was doomed, his window was right there for him. It was a blind spot where he was left alone and the guards where exactly at the moment where he would be free to skip by them without a hint he was there. Maneuvering through the main house, he started to count himself off every turn. If he was off by even a second, everything would be gone. All hope of ever leaving taken from him and the will to resist forfeited. One, two, three, four, a dash to the next wall, five, six, a movement to the décor, seven, following the wall with the guard, eight, nine, pausing behind the curtain while he turns and heads back the other way. Ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-eight, ninety nine, a break out the window, uncaring of the noise he would make by now, one hundred, the home stretch. Zankas ran as fast as he could, ignoring pains that rose up his legs with each object on the floor that would cut into his bare feet. He could hear behind him the commotion of the elders and their shouts to find the boy and to chase him. Almost at the gate by now, nothing would stop him from leaving now. Complete darkness and a cold sensation filling the back of his head and shoulders. The smell of iron slowly started to fill the boy’s nostrils, the feeling becoming a sensation he was all to use to: the feel and smell of his blood. Slowly, Zankas opened his eyes and saw what happened. His brother and sister were standing over his weakened body, both their arms crossed. Game over. Zankas closed his eyes, wanting to accept his doomed fate. However, his twin siblings did something he never thought they would do. His bother lifted Zankas up off the floor and started to carry him away, far away from their family. His sister explained it that the only reason they were even helping him now, was because they didn’t want to see him anymore. In fact, they told him they never wanted to see him again. Though it appeared an act of cruelty, this was the nicest thing his siblings have ever done for him. He even didn’t care that the two brought him to some remote location and heaped him down. The thought that they were going to do something much worse crossed his mind, yet nothing happened. To his brother and sister, they just tossed the lifeless body of their so called brother away. Zankas enjoyed lying on the ground this time.For the first time in his life, he was free from everything that caused him pain. He never felt so safe being so alone. He laid there for what he guessed was days to weeks, resting to fully regain what strength he lost, the strength he gained from his studies as well as the torture. When he finally felt rested, he stood up and began walking. Walking and walking toward a destination he would never understand existed even if he was experiencing it with his own senses. He scaled the walls and climbed until another path took him to more tunnels and paths that lead him further up. It was like he was a part of some ant hill. Days of wondering later, he finally saw something he had so little experience of, something that caused his eyes to burn as he got closer. It was just this white contrast against the normal darkness he knew; a weird color that was only there at certain time frames. As it died down, he started to carve his way into the wall the color was hiding behind. Zankas made work of it until the white color slowly came back, hurting his eyes more and more as it became a blinding white again. His eyes slowly started to adapt back to their old inherited ways as the time continued. When darkness filled the world again, he burst through the wall, letting himself out of the caves an into a mountain trail where the wind chilled him to his core. It didn’t help that he had no clothes to wrap himself around in. He never had clothes since becoming a slave. It wasn’t a privilege he was allowed to possess. Time wasn’t in his favor; he knew the bright white color would come back like it always did. Whatever creature that made it, he just let himself wonder into its land without knowledge of how to defend himself. Zankas quickly let himself down the mountain so he wouldn’t need to deal with the demon’s normal path of travel. Zankas did know one thing about the creature: it was giving off this energy that was a blinding white color, assumed to be used to remove the target’s sense of sight. Across the horizon, the blinding color started to show itself, making Zankas quickly search for anyplace he could use to hide. The only decent spot was a small break in the mountain that gave enough space for him to hide his body in. The color started to get lighter, making everything get lighter and brighter. This was too much of a cover area for any idealized monster, which made Zankas more curious as to what was doing it. Slowly and carefully, he moved from his little hiding area to gaze in the direction of the source. There was no monster, or a blinding dot in the air that could be removed as easy as placing a hand in front of it. Zankas found it very strange, but there wasn’t any harm coming from it, so he decided to dismiss it for now.He continued to travel down the mountain until reaching the bottom. In the distance he could make out structures that looked like the homes he knew, only bigger, taller, and wider; another location of rest for another family, presumably. Zankas let himself wonder closer where he continued to live his life until the point we are at now. Fuck off, this history is too long and I am at a boring spot.

    Personality:  (292 words)

      Might redo this:
      Zankas doesn’t share the normal aggressive nature as his exiled bloodline and is actually more neutral than anything else. Yet, even with how neutral he was, the demonic power that flows through his veins gives him an unpredictable nature that surfaces every now and then like a bad tantrum. Due to the nature of his living area and the nature of the creatures around, Zankas was isolated from most of the world growing up. He never had anything to call a friend or something, other than himself, to talk to. The only creatures that we capable of thought, that he knew, were the demons a part of his family and the demons that were a part of the area he was stuck in. All of which always seemed to cause harm to the boy at any chance they could get. Most of his learning was only from taking what he can to survive as well as killing anything before it has the chance to kill him. The desensitization to the value of life would set Zankas back in interaction with people, not that he needed it growing up. Though, with all this, creatures of light nature seemed to calm him. There were never any in his forgotten home, but there were a few on the surface world. The ability of a perfect soldier was imprinted upon him for a good portion of his recent life, causing the rewriting of his natural free will. Yet, when he is aware of it, he hates when being given an order in a strict or down-spoken tone. When such an occurrence happens, he tends to act out in vicious ways. Often even wanting to attack the one that did so regardless of the difference in energy.

Zankas Vytiaz
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