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Post by rjkirentol on Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:28 am

~Riordan Kirentol~

Thief Rank 1

Level 1

ATK: 150
DEF: 150
EVA: 225
POT: 175



Passive: Gift O' Gab (see character description)




Faded Radiance

Name: Hearthstone
Level: Scales with the character
Description/Image: A small magic infused stone that allows the bearer to be transported to any previous location they have visited.
Cooldown: 10 posts
History: A small stone that was mysteriously granted at the start of every new journey. It is said to be infused with a portion of the Demon King's power.
1 X Elixer
1 X Hi-Potion
1 X Turbo Ether

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Forum User
Forum User

Male Number of posts : 19
Location : Currently upside-down, will let you know more when I am right-side up
Humor : I go where my feet take me. Its rather hard walking at the bottom of the ocean...or in space for that matter

Currency: 1600 munny

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