Deralia's Terrain

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Deralia's Terrain

Post by Calιbuяn on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:54 pm

    Cyprennium is a town with a heavy dose of realism ever apparent in it. No matter where you are in town, you constantly smell soot and smog, and can only barely see much farther than a few feet. The higher you go, the better it is though- the castle at the center, which handles all international exports and imports, is smog-free. Located on the Southern pole.

    Eirview is a mountain settlement with little smog. Most of the citizens here spend a majority of their time underground, working the mines to get the resources for all other settlements on Deralia. Despite the look of the town and what most people would think, Eirview is actually one of the richest and most prestigious cities on the world. Located on the Western pole.

    Lyritaia is the most well-known city on Deralia. The town is gigantic, stretching over nearly a fifth of the entire world's surfacespace, and through its space has as many factories as Cyprennium, but has little to no smog. It's a very difficult city to make a living in however, as unlike Cyprennium it's so big that there are many more people there looking for work, and the factories are all overstocked as it is. To compensate for this, there are also schools and markets in Lyritaia unlike any other place on Deralia. Located on the Northern pole.

    Joakimo was one a lush city of green that was above all the industry of Deralia, but then the floating city came crashing down. Thousands of people died and overall the city was never repopulated. Nature now lives there, aside from the occasional bandit or the like who searches the city to find something, always coming up shy. Located on the Eastern pole.

    The Overworld of Deralia is generally a very grassy area, with things spread out evenly. The grass on Deralia is actually rather red with a tint of orange due to the smog and work underground. Each of the 4 cities lies on the pole of a given direction, with the grasslands and mountains in between. There is no snow on Deralia, possibly due to the heat always being somewhat high.


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