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Profile of Kira Ishida

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of Kira Ishida

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      Desmond Lockheart, God of Deralia, Wizard of the Ages; Deceased
      Desmond, being Kira's father, was a man of great magnitude to her. He disappeared one day without a trace, but Kira was able to track him down after a year, only to find his (still warm) dead body. She then spent the next year looking for any and all clues about his death, but came up blank.

      Daimos Ishida, Emissary of the Death Whisperer
      Kira has an astounding amount of respect for this man, willing to do anything he says at a single utterance. Daimos is the person she turned to after her father's death, and is the man she looks for wisdom from.

      Tsukiya Ishida, Kira's Husband, Lightning Emperor
      Things between Tsukiya and Kira have gotten better since Kira first came back, much to Kira's happiness. They train together sometimes, but do a lot separate. Kira wishes they'd spend more time together.

      Mitsuki Ishida, [unknown title]
      Sister to Tsukiya. Not much is known at this time, though she seems like she could be nice. Must pay more attention to, learn at least something about her.

      Kai Hitaro, [unknown title]
      Kai seems like an interesting fellow. While they've only met once, Kira thinks there is a lot more to him than meets the eye, both in the way he carries himself and the fact that he's also so jumpy to start a fight. Must keep an eye out on, possibly protect others from him.

      Ezra Strife, [unknown title]
      Seems like a rather nice person, maybe a conscious to Kai to keep him in check, or else just a good friend. May be stronger than he looks. Approach with caution.

      Alex Kazama, [unknown title]
      Alex was Kira's first crush after leaving Deralia, and got followed around for a good four months before Kira met Tsukiya. During her time with Alex, Kira was able to learn quite a bit about fighting and taking care of yourself.

      Zelgodas, [unknown title]
      Met on Traverse Town. Seems a bit weak, but could have potential. Hopefully they meet each other again.

      Lady Reina, [unknown title]
      Met on Traverse Town. Very nice lady, but something seems off. Inspect further.
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