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Abigail: Demonic Knight

Post by Abigail Parker on Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:13 am


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      Name: Hearthstone
      Level: Scales with the character
      Description/Image: [A small magic-infused stone] that allows the bearer to be transported to any previous location they have visited.
      Cooldown: 10 posts
      History: A small stone that was mysteriously granted at the start of every new journey. It is said to be infused with a portion of the Demon King's power.

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    Primula Kazama: My uncle Alex's adoptive sister, which makes Rimu my aunt. Although we act more like sisters than aunt and niece. We've known each other since Alex's mother passed away, and we hit it off pretty quickly.

    Daimos Ishida: A good friend of my family, and my mentor for the past ten years. The Demon King and myself get along just fine, despite what our constant snarking at each other might imply. Although I'm probably not going to let Daimos take me under his wing again for a long while. I still have the scars from the last decade's worth of training...

    Larcs Hex: Encountered when I first returned to Twilight Town after my decade of training under the Ishidas. While a little shy, I was able to get her to open up. When Larcs revealed that she was preparing for a journey around the universe, I was quick to offer her help, and am now just waiting for word from Larcs for the adventure to begin.

    Rose Phoenix: A mysterious woman in white that I met upon my return to my hometown. I don't really know anything about the girl, but her white robes suggest that she belongs to the Assassins.

    Caliburn/Cypher: A person possessed by a sword. We met during a particularly lively weekend in Twilight Town, and quickly built up enough trust that I was willing to reveal my secret to him, as he revealed his to me. Although the poor guy (sword?) seemed rather confused when he found out that I was homosexual...

    Zelgodas: A fighter from a dead world that came across me while I was busy training. At first, we seemed to get along well enough, but then I lost control of my demon form and attacked him. Zel was able to beat some sense back into me and then patched me up, and I learned just how similar we are. Now, we're partners, and we're preparing to begin investigating Legion X activity in Deralia.

    Namine: A mysterious blonde woman in a white dress that I encountered while out on my usual patrol. To me, the woman seemed troubled, so I approached her with the intention of helping her, and conversed with her for a few brief moments. However, the conversation was cut short, and I haven't encountered Namine since then, so I haven't really formed an opinion on her.

    Talim Breeze: A young girl wielding keyblades that attacked me on the pretense that I was a demon. Not too far from the mark, but this intrepid adventurer took offense and defended herself all the same. Who wouldn't? After the brief exchange, I managed to talk the girl down, learning that she was amnesiac before she ran off.

    Xendraw: A giant, shapeshifting robot. I can't believe it, either. Coming from a time traveler, that's saying something. I encountered this particular oddity trying to sneak into the local shipyard. It had noticed me watching it, and immediately bolted and transformed into a copy of my personal ship, the transport Serenity. I wound up getting stuck inside of the damn thing, but thankfully managed to escape.

    Firenze Glacius Arcanum III (Gods, what a mouthful.): A man that fell out of the sky. I'm not even joking, though I wish I was. This weirdo came crashing down the same time I ran into the walking tin can, and he was the reason I ended up getting stuck inside of it, as he ran in to check it out, and I rushed after him to make sure he didn't hurt himself. Honestly, he seems nice enough. A bit too eager to play the knight in shining armor, and too quick with the flattery, but nice.

    Desdemona Nix: A fake name if I ever heard one. And boy, is this chick a real piece of work. Whatever pit of Hell that walking lightning rod, Tsukiya, found her in, I think he should put her back. I mean, she's attractive enough (Sarah would kill me for saying that), real easy on the eyes. But the woman's psychotic! She gives my aunt Allison a run for her munny. And that is a statement I do not make lightly. Anyways, how I met her... I was out on patrol, per the usual, when Daimos decided to make an unannounced visit, also per status quo. Then he whisked me away to some other part of town that had been put on the deep freeze, and guess who was the cause of that? Nix. That's really all I want to remember about that particular story.

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