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Ship Rules

Post by Daimos Ishida on Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:14 pm

This is just a brief thread to let you know the specifics of what you can and can't do with ships used for traveling between planets. You should take the time to read through it to make sure your endeavors with building a ship go as smooth as possible. Besides, who wouldn't want to go cruising around in a shiny new ship?

  1. Purchasing Ship Parts
    As expected, you cannot use the option to travel between worlds by ship unless you first create a ship to be used. This is done in the same manner as in Kingdom Hearts when creating gummi ships (ie buying each individual piece and combining them to create your masterpiece). All ship part purchases must be approved by an administrator or moderator. You are only able to have 1 ship at any given time. (It should be noted that stats for ships function the same way as stats for players.)

  2. Combat against other members
    Much like with combat between members on-world, the same general rules apply offworld. Godmodding and Metagaming is expressly forbidden. If you are found to be doing so, your ship will be stripped down to the bare minimum of parts (namely engine, wings, body, and cockpit) and you will be restricted from combat. Should you attempt to engage in combat during the time your ship has been stripped down (being that the defenses of your ship will be virtually zero) you will most certainly lose that battle and have to pay for repairs to your ship. Bad deal, right? Then it's a good idea not to godmode and/or metagame.

  3. Earning Ship Experience
    Virtually the same as earning experience for your character, your ship can also gain experience by winning dogfights with other members and safely completing the travel routes between worlds. However, the difference between experience for yourself and experience for your ship is that as a ship gains more experience, better parts are made available. Ships are allowed to equip parts up to one level above their current level.

  4. Interplanetary Travel Routes
    As in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, you are able to take various routes between worlds that are patrolled by large groups of enemies. Completing these routes safely and effectively is a good way to gain experience for your ship. Additionally, you can also gain Munny in order to upgrade your ship. The routes that are open and can be taken are dependent on your ship's level. There are three possible routes between worlds, the difficulty divided by groups of 5. (Level 1-5 is Route 1, 6-10 is Route 2, and 11-15 is Route 3) So, for example, if you have a level 12 ship, you are able to take any of the three routes as opposed to if you were to have a level 9 ship, in which case you would only be able to take routes 1 or 2.

  5. Dogfights
    Dogfights are another way to earn Munny and experience for your ship. However, unlike Routes, Dogfights award twice as much Munny and experience since they can only occur once per day. There are two types of Dogfights that can take place. The first type is against an NPC, in which case you will be pitted against a boss character ship that is 2 levels above your ship's current level. The second is, of course, against another member. When participating in a Dogfight between members, the same rules apply as with fights on world. (This was also stated in Rule 2).

  6. Repairing your ship
    If you fail to complete a Travel Route or you lose a Dogfight, your ship will suffer damage and be rendered unusable until it has been repaired. There are two methods of repairing your ship. The first is that you can keep the same parts, paying a total cost of half the overall cost of the parts that make up the ship. Using this method allows you to use your ship again in the same day it is repaired. The second method is by replacing the parts with stronger parts. This method is more expensive and because your ship is being "upgraded", you will be restricted from using the ship for the rest of the day.

  7. Upgrading your ship
    Choosing to upgrade your ship directly from the shop (without your ship having been disabled due to combat) is handled the same way as purchasing parts to build your ship. However, as with upgrading your ship while it is being repaired, if you purchase upgrades for your ship you are restricted from using it for the rest of the day.

  8. Ship Archetypes
    There are three types of ship archetypes that can be used, each excelling in a different area. The first type is an Assault class ship. These types of ship are able to equip weapon parts up to 3 levels above their current level, but are restricted to defense and engine parts equal to their current level. The second type is a Juggernaut class ship. As the name suggests, these ships specialize in higher defense, able to equip shielding and armor parts up to 3 levels above their current level while weapon and engine parts are restricted to being equal to their current level. The final type is a Striker class ship. These ships are focused on speed, allowing them to equip engine and booster parts up to 3 levels above their current rank but are restricted to weapon and defense parts equal to their current rank. You can change your ship's archetype, but let it be noted that doing so will not grant a refund of the parts you selected for the current archetype and changing your ship's archetype is expensive. Additionally, like with upgrading, use of your ship will be restricted for the rest of the day in which you have chosen to change your ship's archetype.

  9. Special abilities for ships
    Each ship is capable of using a special ability (think a final attack). Like with ship archetypes, the special ability is dependent on the type of ship you possess. This ability can only be used once per encounter, so it is advised that you use strategy when activating the ability. Additionally, the strength of the ability is dependent on your ship's current level. Ships are able to create special abilities up to 2 ranks above their current level.

[b]Ship Name:[/b]
[b]Ship Level:[/b]
[b]Ship Archetype:[/b]
[b]Ship Special Ability:[/b]
[b]Ship's Description:[/b]
[b]Current Body Part:[/b]
[b]Current Cockpit Part:[/b]
[b]Current Wing Part:[/b]
[b]Current Laser Part:[/b]
[b]Current Missile Part:[/b]
[b]Current Armor Part:[/b]
[b]Current Shield Part:[/b]
[b]Current Booster Part:[/b]
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