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Stat System/Rank System

Post by Daimos Ishida on Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:21 am

Stat system break down

Disclaimer: What is our stat system for? Simply put too often fights break down into higher rank=better in every category. A character can be stronger better and faster just by being on the site a little longer, well the stat system helps to regulate that, and make a character choose their strengths excelling in some area’s while being weak in others. Here the stats of a character will be broken down into the smallest bits so I can show you every single way the stat system can be used, for those who want a TLDNR version only the first post is the core of the system so you don’t truly need to read more than that, for those who want to know everything about how this system can be used though I suggest reading the entire thread.

Stat break down: so what are the stats and how do they apply to combat? The stats break down the points of combat. It should be noted that these are the limits of a character, and that due to the numbers used at character creation a point difference of 50 between two combatants means that though the higher might win out in an arm wrestle they are still very much equals, and explained in this post. The stats go into tiers of their own. At character creation you are given 300 points to disperse over all stats. In addition, with each level gain you receive an additional 150 points to disperse to each of your stats. At character creation and at each gained level, you cannot place more than half of your points into one particular stat.

Strength (STR): Strength determines how strong you are physically. It also determines how hard your physical attacks and physical-based skills/abilities hit.

0-100: You have the strength of an adolescent child. The most you can lift is 20lb on a good day. Your hits can be counted as "love taps" and barely any damage at all, most people would even laugh them off and act as if they never even occurred.
125-250: You have the strength of an average human. You can lift up to 90lb and your hits are capable of causing mild discomfort and slight bruising.
325-450: You have reached the height of human strength. Your strength can be considered to be on par with a highly trained Olympic athlete. You are able to lift up to 300lb on a good day and your attacks are capable of causing noticeable harm.
525-650: You have exceeded human limits, your strength has gotten to the point where you could be considered superhuman. You are easily able to break stone with your attacks and can just as easily lift a ton over your head.
725-850: Your strength is demonic in nature, way beyond even being considered superhuman. You can bend steel as if it were plastic. The term "moving mountains" is no longer just a phrase for you.
925-1050: Your strength is legendary. You are able to easily cause territorial destruction with the slightest touch.
1200+: Legendary can no longer describe the amount of strength you possess. You have reached into the realm of Gods in strength, your abilities have even been recognized by the highest powers in existence.

Stamina (STA): Stamina is what determines your resistance to physical damage. Additionally, it also dictates how effective enhancement effects are on yourself.

0-100: You are a rather frail person. You cannot even move around for an extended period of time without tiring quickly.
125-250: You have the physical resistance of an average human. You can withstand some attacks, but not much. You should exercise caution in combat.
325-450: The peak of human conditioning. You are easily able to shrug off a majority of the attacks directed towards you, but you're not quite invulnerable....not yet.
525-650: You have reach well beyond human limits. Most attacks that are capable of harming humans have little to no effect on you. It takes quite a bit of force to harm you at this point.
725-850: The term "chiseled from marble" could apply literally to you. Nothing short of an army would be required to bring harm to you, and even then there would be some difficulty.
925:1050: Mortal means of causing damage have no effect on you. Physical attacks are like mosquito bites to you now. You are a force of nature in your own right.
1200+: Considering you invulnerable would not be a stretch at this point. Physical attacks have no effect on you whatsoever, only magic of the highest caliber is able to bring harm to you.

Agility (AGI): This stat determines how dexterous and nimble you are in combat and how easy it is for you to dodge incoming attacks. It also determines how easy it is for your attacks to hit your opponent.

0-100: The fastest you can move would be equal to a slow jog. Your ability to dodge incoming attacks are laughable at best and your opponents will have no trouble dodging your attacks.
125-250: You can move at the running speed of an average human. You are a bit more able to dodge incoming attacks and opponents may have slight difficulty dodging your attacks.
325-450: Your reflexes have reached the peak of human level. Dodging most incoming attacks comes naturally to you and opponents will have moderate trouble dodging yours.
525-650: Your reflexes are superhuman. Most people will have difficulty following your movements and just as much difficulty avoiding your attacks.
725-850: Your speed is far beyond even superhuman levels. Your movements are a blur and you can easily dodge most attacks. Adversely, many of your attacks are able to hit your opponents before they even have a chance to react.
925-1050: Your speed is legendary. The world around you seems as if it were moving in slow motion, you can easily dodge your opponent's attacks several times without much effort. Your attacks have gotten to the point where they can cause a delayed reaction from your opponent upon hit.
1200+: Around the world in 80 days? At this point you are able to circle the globe in mere seconds. The world around you is at a standstill as you move and you can easily dispatch your opponents several times oer before they have even noticed you have moved.

Willpower (WIL): Willpower determines how resilient you are to a mental assault and torturous acts. Additionally, it affects how easy or difficult it is for you to succumb to intimidation.

0-100: Your mental constitution is pathetic, to say the least. Even the slightest noise is enough to unnerve you and you are easy prey for any mental assault directed towards you.
125-250: You have some courage, but not much. You have slight resistance to intimidation and you can withstand mental attacks towards you for a brief moment.
325-450: At this level you have moderate resistance to intimidation and you can somewhat withstand mental attacks towards you, but you should still exercise caution.
525-650: Intimidation has very little effect on you. Most mental assaults against you will have a difficult time succeeding.
725-850: At this point, intimidation against you is laughable. You can shrug off most mental attacks against you, but you still have some difficulty.
925-1050: Human means of intimidation have no effect on you at all. You are easily able to withstand a majority of the mental assaults directed towards you.
1200+: You can keep a calm even in the face of Gods. Only a mental assault of the highest possible caliber is able to affect you, though even then there may be some difficulty.

Aptitude (APT): This stat affects how quickly you can adapt to situations and things around you. It also affects how easily you can affect others with mental abilities (eg mind control)

0-100: Your awareness is lackluster, you have great difficulty adapting to things around you. Most people would not even know if you had attempted to infiltrate their mind.
125-250: You are a bit better at noticing things and situations around you, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Your mental abilities are dismissed as a passing thought.
325-450: You are able to keep track of most things around you and adapt accordingly. Your mental abilities can cause momentary memory loss, but not much more.
525-650: Your mental retention has reached the point where it is almost second nature. You are easily able to adapt moments after something has happened around you. Your mental abilities have a moderate success rate at this point.
725-850: Your memory is impeccable, to the point where you can easily memorize your surroundings and can adapt to situations almost immediately. At this point your mental abilities will have great difficulty being resisted.
925-1050: Your memory has reached the point where it can be considered second sight. You can adapt to things in the exact moment that you see them. Mental abilities used by you will almost never fail.
1200+: Way beyond second sight, you have developed clairvoyance. You are able to see things before they happen and act accordingly. Your mental abilities have little to no chance of failing at this level.

Wit (WIT): Wit determines how impressionistic your character is. The higher this stat, the more of a presence they have on their surrounding area and the people within.

0-100: Your presence goes unnoticed, you're practically considered a wallflower.
125-250: People take passing notice of you, but you still don't leave much of an impression.
325-450: At the point people will acknowledge your presence and even retain some memory of you.
525-650: Your presence is recognized easily, people actively seek you out just for the pleasure of your company. Adversely you can cause some minor intimidation in those around you if necessary.
725-850: People notice you way before you have even entered their vicinity, almost as if they can feel you coming.
925-1050: Your presence has becoming overbearing. You are able to instill fear into people with just a mere glance.
1200+: You have gotten to the point where you can easily intimidate people around you without much thought. If you do make an effort, you are capable of causing weak-minded individuals to go unconscious.

Fleeing from a Random Encounter: If the AGI of the player is equal to or greater than at least 50% of the AGI possessed by any of the enemies encountered in a Random Encounter, it is possible to flee the encounter safely. Keep in mind, however, that if you flee the cooldown for taking part in Random Encounters will go into effect.

Ranking System
The Ranking system has been implemented to determine what type of damage you are capable of dealing with weapons and skills/abilities and what type of damage your armor is capable of withstanding. Below you will fight the meaning for each type of damage.
Level 1-5: Creations of Rank 1-3
Level 6-10: Creations of Rank 6 and lower
Level 11-15: Creations of rank 7 and lower
Level 16+: Creations of any rank

Rank 1: With this rank, your attacks can cause a little bit of pain to your opponent, but it will hardly be noticed by that person. It can not cause any physical or internal damage, it can cause no damage at all. For example, an Rank 1 ability could be a shield to protect you for 1/2 posts and can be broken with 2 Rank 1 attacks.

Rank 2: At Rank 2, your attacks can cause a small amount of damage. Such as bruises, scratches and a light feeling of pain. For example, it can have the same level of pain like a small headache. For example, at Rank 2 a wind ability will blast away his/her opponent for a few metres. This can also cause minor damage like stated at the beginning.

Rank 3: This rank can cause light damage, more damage than Rank 2 obviously. It will leave such as small scars, big bruises and scratches and can cause a small amount of physical bleeding, maybe a bleeding nose or small wounds.

Rank 4: Getting attacked by this rank can cause quite some damage. It could cause physical bleeding, big cuts and scratches, big scars and even fractured bones.

Rank 5: From now on all attacks will cause you serious injuries. At this rank it can cause physical and internal bleeding, broken bones.

Rank 6: You can get seriously injured from a attack from this rank. Examples of this are physical and internal bleeding, broken bones, and ripped off flesh.

Rank 7: This can cause some serious damage to someone, it is possible to have a 'near to death'-experience. It has hardly happened that someone had a near death experience when damaged by this rank. You have to get healed or otherwise it might not end good for you. It is possible to blow up parts of buildings and even rip off body parts. Minor revival also becomes available at this Rank.

Rank 8: Can cause some serious injuries to someone, physical and internal damage. At this rank it can even blow up entire buildings. At this rank your attacks will be so strong that it is possible to kill someone. For example, the user has a very strong and destructive light energy that surrounds them, which destroys everything within that light. Moderate level revival becomes available at this Rank.

Rank 9: At this rank, your attacks can most certainly outright kill your opponents. You are capable of causing large scale destruction, easily destroying large portions of towns and even causing damage that would be considered catastrophic. Nearly perfect revivals are possible at this Rank.

Rank 10: Attacks of this caliber are easily capable of wiping entire areas from existence. Mental abilities of this level can affect large groups of people with ease and have little to no chance of being negated. At this Rank, it is possible to fully revive someone to perfect health.
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