Alex's themes. (Updated.)

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Alex's themes. (Updated.)

Post by Primula Kazama on Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:26 am


Alex- Normal
Like a Stone (Audioslave)

Alex- Preparing to Fight
All My Life (Foo Fighters)

Alex- Fighting
(Sic) Molt Injected Mix (Slipknot)

Alex- Being a Vigilante
No Way Out (The Living End)

Alex- Drinking
Killing Time (Hed PE)

Alex- On an Assassin Job
Your Shadow (The Exploding Hearts)

Alex- Thinking About Jun or Iroku
Miss You (Candlebox)

Alex- Victory
Raw (Staind)

Alex- Defeat
Tattered and Torn (Slipknot)

Alex- Defeated by Parker (Heh!)
End of the World (The Living End)

Alex and Dante

Alex vs Dante
MvC3: Dante's Theme (Hideyuki Fukasawa)

Alex vs Dante- Alex Victory
Dead! (My Chemical Romance)

Alex vs Dante- Dante Victory
Never Say Die (Black Sabbath)

Alex and Dante- Team Up
Swipe of Sword


Dante- Normal
HOWLING (Abingdon Boy School)

Seven Hells Battle (Tetsuya Shibata)

Dante- Devil Trigger
Taste the Blood

Dante- Near Defeat
Devil's Cry(Shall Never Surrender) - (Bentley Jones)

Dante- Defeated
Continue? (Tekken 6)

Dante- Thinking About His Mother
Total Result (Tetsuya Shibata)


Primula- Normal
Tsukiakari (Rie Fu)

Primula- With Alex and/or Allison
I'll Be Your Home (Rin Oikawa)

Primula- Happy
I'm Home (Oku Hanako)

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