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Post by Mitsuki Ishida on Fri May 09, 2008 8:18 pm

The world is as hot as fire, burring lands everywhere. The rivers have all dried up and lava takes their place. Civilization has moved underground, life unable to sustain itself above the surface of this scorched planet. Several mines are placed underground, creating few living areas near untouched caves that are still cold. All materials found to make buildings or tools come from metal ore from the caves, ironworks are comely used many times. Magma always reaches the town, creating pools and rivers of magma around and though the towns. Years after the event, people started to adapt and evolve to the hot weather conditions, creating new life that may live in the lava as if it were only water once again. These people started to create life above the surface of the planet and in hotter areas that are underneath the world’s surface. The people that are still not as evolved, still are able to be burned and killed by the magma, are dependent to the magma people to help them sustain life. They are called Demons for their form and actions, being stronger, faster, and having denser skin. Towards the heart of the planet is a shrine built to the Shinigami, connecting the planet to the others.
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