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Post by Mitsuki Ishida on Fri May 09, 2008 8:17 pm

One look at this world and you thing that it is only a world of water, and no life can live on here. Take a look under the water and you see large bubbles and domes filled with air, sustaining civilization. All the domes are connected though large channels of tubes or teleporters to distant areas almost halfway to halfway across where you are. Another means of getting to other places are water bikes with built in oxygen tanks. To refuel the bikes, there are small areas built to refuel these bikes on energy and oxygen. Within these bubbles are highly advanced technology, supplying energy by getting it from the water, from area’s where the water gets its energy from the sun. Even in the depths of the cities, their bubbles can protect them from the pressure and keep them warm. In the main city of this world, you find a shrine where the citizens pray to the growing Shinigami, connecting this world to all others with the Shinigami.

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