The Bond. The Escape. The Truth.

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The Bond. The Escape. The Truth.

Post by Primula Kazama on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:46 pm

Okay. Someone deleted this. So here's my Spartan-II fanfic again.

The Bond, pt. 1

Taken from his family at a young age. He doesn't know what his family was like. He doesn't know his real name. Only a number - 11744. Codenamed Alex. He was trained from birth, from his capture, to kill. To be a soldier. Most kids go to school to learn of maths and grammar. He learns about emotions- how to hide and conceal them, and also how to read them. He learns about the human mind- natural instincts and impulses. He is taught how to fight. How to kill. Not only with properly and swiftly. But gracefully. Stealthily. "Do not hide in the shadows and on rooftops," his trainer told him. "You must hide in plain sight. Always be a blade in the crowd. Trust me. They will least expect it"

Throughout his life, he was taught apathy. He was taught how to be a cold blooded killer. Often times he wondered who his parents were. What they were like. If he had any siblings. But these thoughts would not bother him, only cause him to be distracted. His life was just that; a life. No more, no less. That all changed when she entered it. 

The new recruit to his squad - number 23813. Codenamed Alicia. She was an interesting female to him. She was the only person he made any contact with- usually he was more stone cold than any other recruits. He said very little to her. She was talkative, but relatively harmless. As morose as him, even at times. He often caught himself thinking about her, compulsively. This confused him. He didn't know what to think of this. Months went on. The two became closer, and inseparable. He began to feel what he never did, or never would again, feel with another human. He felt trust. Comfort. Compassion. They would sneak out of their barracks at night and watch as the full moon peaked from behind the cherry blossoms flowing through the air. It was the night he felt the warmth of another persons soft touch against his hand. The slow steady breathing of the one he knew he loved. 

Others became aware of this bond. They knew what was going on. The mentors thought little of it. A mere roadblock in both of their very promising futures. They would walk to every training session, they walked to together. Every break, they spent on the stairs of their barracks. Talking. Sharing stories. They both gave eachother names to quell their comfort. Alex Kazama. And Alicia Belle. Around their superiors, they used their numbers. Around eachother, and only eachother, would they say the others names. This caught the attention of the superiors. 

One normal day, Squad 113- Kazama's and Belle's squad- were ordered to find and extract a package. Alex, Alicia, and their third partner, 11359, Codenamed Zach, set out with their usual supplies. The package was of high priority, given to them specificially considering they were the best Squad and never failed. Until that day. 

Halfway to their target, they were ambushed. All were wearing similar biomechanical armour similar to their own. Alex drew his swords, as did Alicia, and Zach who unholstered his dual 9mm's. The battle was raging. Hiding behind thick forest walls. Alex's black armour was covered in soot. Alicia's deep purple covered in blood- not all hers- and scrapes. Zach's maroon chestpiece had a large hole in it. The bullet stopped by the final layer. Though the fight had only begun. Shielded in a bubble grenade, they made their final decision to sprint it out to their Extraction Point, two miles due north of their target. "Keep up." Alex said to the two. He drew his AUG. Alicia her combat shotgun. Zach, his carbine semi-auto rifle. The enemy advanced, ever so slowly. The shield gave out. The race was on. 

Being the best squad was no task easily achieved. Hence, why they were the best. They easily ran through, all four point seven-six miles to the target. They picked up the target- a fallen comrade dubbed MIA two months before. Number 41102, Codename Allison. Zach's twin sister. She had been stranded there for two weeks, surviving off whatever she managed. Being a soldier, though, didn't stop her from keeping up as they got to their extraction. "LZ is extremely hot," Radiod Command. "Proceed with caution 113." Alex grunted in response, throwing an incindiary grenade at their attackers. 

When all quieted, Alex did a quick check for any injuries and ammo counts. Zach had been shot in the leg. Allison in the hand. Alicia was quiet. And pale. Alex moved her trembling hand and saw a sight that gave him a feeling he never knew. He felt his heart stop a moment. Alicia was shot and bleeding heavily from a sniper bullet to the abdomen. "... Alicia." Was all Alex could say. She gave him a smile, a smile only she could give. "I love you Alex." She whispered, before falling into cardiac arrest. 

In the medical section of the bird command sent, medics and Alex were working to bring Alicia back. The average human could only be dead for five minutes before being brought back without serious consequence. SS's like them could go from an hour to a day or two. They brought back a pulse- weak but alive. Alex managed to find a bullet. A bullet from a sniper rifle that looked very familiar. 

To be continued.

The Bond, pt. 2

Sitting for two hours to hear about Alicia was as close to Hell as Alex could picture it. He couldn't sit still and often found himself pacing around, still in his scraped and blood splattered jet black armour. After what seemed like eons, Zach came out of Alicia's room. "Okay, tell me everything." Alex ony said, resisting the urge to slam him against the wall and demand answers. "She'll be in that coma for a while. Pulse is lower than normal. When... If she recovers, she'll need God knows how long of physical therapy. Alex... Most likely, if she is still recovering within a few months... She'll be retired." Alex felt another strange feeling. His knees almost buckled beneath him and he bacame short of breath. " Retired... Another words for murder... But... Can... I see her." He murmured. Zach's expression softened and he nodded. Alex walked in and what he saw almost made him cry- almost. 

She was pale. Sickly pale. Her breathing was fast and uneven, and he could see her bandages, bloodied up from her operation. Alex staggered to a chair next to her bed. He slowly sat down, and lay his had on hers. He sat their for hours, staring at her, the occasional shiver washing over him. 

Having graduated months ago, Ake had nothing to do but spend every day with Alicia, talking to her. He knew she probably couldn't hear him. But he always held her hand, and never left her side. He'd leave for missions or for nutritions leave, but other than that, he'd stay with her. He'd talk about what he saw on television, or the missions he went on with Zach and Allison. He also noticed her breathing was getting calmer. 

Months passed by, and it was almost spring. The blossoms began blooming, and Alex would open the window and speak to Alicia. "Look, Alicia... The cherry blossoms, just like the night of the full moon that night. They look so beautiful... Alicia..." He said, trembling. "Alicia..? Wake up...! You hear me, Alicia Belle? Wake up! I love you! You can't die, Alicia! You can't..." He was sobbing on her bedside now, shuddering and shaking as a slow noise distracted him. Alicia's hand was moving. He stared in amazement, at his tears the had splattered against her pale hand. "....Alex...." Alex heard, as just a whisper, even for his hearing. 

That night, he didn't leave. For anything. He stayed with her, as always, talking. Abou anything that came to his mind. He would ask her quetlstions, but nothing happened. Just the same, steady breathing. Days passed by, and one morning when he visited her, he saw her door cracked open. He peeked inside and saw doctors crowding around. He frowned and his expression changed when he caught a glimpse of beautiful brown hair moving. She was slowly awakening from her slumber. She caught sight of Alex and smiled. A smile that broke an icy grip from his heart. 

The next few days, they conversed. Alex helped her get her strength bak. He helped her with whatever. From the little things; food, drink, passing the remote. To things like helping her walk around. He looked outside and saw more cherry blossoms falling. He smiled and opened the window. "Just like the night of the full moon... Like you told me... Before you showed your true human side." Alicia whispered, as Alex looked at he in amazement. 

The next day, Alex told Alicia of the plans of her therapy. "And... If it doesn't work... You'll be retired..." He whispered. Alicia looked at him, with the same hardened look Alex was so good at. "What're the chances of that...?" She asked. "... Sixty-nine percent." Alex told her. She only nodded. "Better get to it then." She said, getting out of bed. "Whoa, what-?" Alex began. "Alex, you and I both know what we need to do. I'm gonna start walking three times a day. Running twice a week. And being more active." "But-" Alex began protesting, but was silenced by a look from Alicia. "You have doubts?" She asked steely. "... No, ma'am." Alex smiled. "One thing, Alex." She started. "Mm?" He said. "Did you mean those things that day...? When you saw the blossoms fall..?" She asked. Alex's facial expression softened. He walked up to Alicia, whose breath drew shorter. He cupped her chin in her hand. "Every word, Alicia Belle." The next thing they knew, their arms were wrapped around eachother, and the space between their lips were gone.

The Bond, pt. 3

So the race was on. Alex would help Alicia everyday take walks around the campus, and would jog with her every Tuesday and Thursday. The first week was a long an painful process. But Alicia set her jaw and took it, knowing what the consequences were if she didn't. They didn't speak of their kiss, but they did look at eachother every so often, the glint of the memory of it still in their smiles. Alex would find himself feeling closer to her. He actually felt a bond. Maybe even trust. 

One day, as try were walking, another soldier walked past them, bumping into Alex. Number 41050, Codenamed Andrew. Slung over his shoulder was a modified Barrett With special bullets.   

Alex and Alicia were back to their old selves again. Alex was slightly more open though, finding himself holding her closer to him. They would look at eachother, and started laughing for no reason. "What?" She asked, smiling. "Nothing," he said, "Its just you." He said, and they both hugged an held eachother close. Andrew seemed to notice this. 

Alicia soon caught her strength again, and began to spar with Alex. There were still some bugs to work out, but every so often, Alex would find himself on his back, looking up at a smiling Alicia, and demanding one more try. She then had to report to the Admiral. Alex waited outside for info on what happened. Alicia came outside, looking serious. "They want me to do a solo mission." She said, as they walked to her barracks. "Whaat? Solo? You just recovered?" Alex said impassively. "Yes. I know. But I have to, Alex. You know that." She said, and looked at him. To any other person, his current face would be impassive. Alicia knew him though. The way he had his jaw set. How his eyes were softer. She placed a calming hand in his cheek. "Dont worry Alex." She whispered with a smile. "I love you, Alicia..." He whispered, slowly clutching her hand. "And you know how hard it is for me to say that..." 

The next day, Alicia set off on her mission. Zach had informed him it was routine, but as Alex nodded and listened, he noticed one thing. Andrew was also away on a mission that day. Alex curtly excused himself and walked out of the mess hall, Zach and Allison both looking confused as he Swiftly exited. 

Alicia, on the other hand, was delivering a package of Code-Three priority to a neighboring training camp. Alicia smirked as she left. "Poor saps..." She muttered, before hearing a familiar hollow boom. Without thinking, she started sprinting at thirty mph, as a loud thud was heard and a hole in the ground appeared. 

Alex was dashing across branches and treetops towards Reach, the camp Alicia was sent to. He was only in light armour, a few kunais and shurikens strapped to him. He also had his ninjato (short ninja sword) strapped to his waist. He heard the faintest boom, and changed direction. 

Andrew cursed as he cocke his rifle again. This girl was fast. The Director said it was important to take out this individual, that they could ruin their operation. Though confused, he didn't ask questions. Only followed his order. He fired again, and missed, but struck the earth next to his target, causing her to stumble. She looked up an around frantically, and glared when she saw her attacker. He smirked and reloaded. As he was getting ready to fire, something darted in between them and saw something flying at him, before his sights were smashed. 

"Alex?!" Alicia breathed, staggering to her feet. Alex watched his kunai soar and strike another, hearing a shriek of pain afterwards. He grabbed her hand ad darted through the forest. "Whats going on?! Alex?!" She yelled. "You were slated for retirement. They sent 41050 after you. Th same person who shot you when we found Allison." He said. "Bastards!" Alex heard her hiss. "Where are we going?" Alicia asked. "We're free now. We can go anywhere." He answered, running to the safe house he set up weeks ago. 

  The Escape, pt. 1

"How far do you expect to take this, Alex?" Alicia asked him, drinking the rest of her coffee. He only looked at her. Alicia has noticed how stoic he become the past few days. Their new hideout was quite a distance from the Acadamy. He looked at her intensely, and only shrugged. Alicia scoffed, finishing the rest of her beverage, before rhythmically tapping her fingers on the table. "I think I'm gonna go back there." Alex told her, leaving Alicia to gape at him. 

After days of persistance, Alicia finally managed to find out about Alex's little announcement. "I want to find whatever info they have on us. Where we were born, to who, who our parents are." She remembered th look in his eyes. His face, though to the untrained eye, impassive. But she could see the curiosity and longing in his gaze. This was something he really wanted to do. She offered to go, but he would not let her. "I'll upload whatever I find to a laptop who's IP address changes every day. It'll be impossible to track. That way, if I don't make it... You can continues." Alicia nodded, and he took he in her arms. "If anything happens to me... Don't come for me. Just go. Promise me." He told her. She nodded an whispered "I promise.."

The next morning, Alicia woke up to find Alex gone. She panicked, looking around. She saw a black laptop open on the counter, with a screen that said "Waiting for Upload". Alicia quickly put in her earpiece, clicking it on. "Alex?!" She almost shrieked, waiting for a response. "Well, look who's awake." Alex's calm voice said on the other line. "Alex... Be careful." She said. Alex grunted, clicking his line off. Alicia was stuck waiting for news. 

A few hours later, a sound from the laptop made Alicia jump. It showed an uplink was completed, and that five files were being downloaded. Alicia heard a small static noise from her earpiece. She put it in, listening closely. "Andrew. What're you doing here? I thought the Director had you on a tight leash?" She heard Alex say. "Oh, shut it. You know as well as me that this won't last. Don sound so cocky." "I agree!" Alex roared, and Sounds of clanging metal were heard. By the sounds made, Alicia pictured that Alex was hungry with rage for what Andrew did to her. The roars and sound of flesh spliting made her shutter. Andrew must have gotten a punch in, because she heard a pop, Alex grunting, and the other line go to static or a moment. The Sounds only slightly faded, ad the roaring finally stopped, with the sound of a sword penetrating warm flesh and the moaning of a wounded person. Another sound , and a body falling to the ground. Alicia waited, or what seemed like hours, with the dread and cold fear that it was Alex on the ground lying in a pool of blood. She couldn't even speak when she heard muffling on the other line. "Thats the last of him..." She heard someone-Alex- said. "You get the files?" He asked. Alicia tried to speak but couldn't." "Alicia!" He hissed. She snapped out of it, shaking her head an sighing in relief. Suddenly, she heard alarms. "Shit." Alex groaned. 

Alex waited for Alicia to reply, when he heard the sounds of sirens. "Shit," He groaned. He immediately pulled his sword from Andrews abdomen, flicking it to get blood off, then sheathing it. He heard rushed footsteps and dashed around the corner. He saw more comong from that way as well. ~Dammit...~ He thought to himself. He looked around, and saw a window to his left, leading to the forest. He grit his teeth, threw a smoke pellet Rotherham ground, heard a few gunshots, and jumped out. When he landed, he felt a stinging and burning pain in his abdomen. He felt around, and felt he was suffering from a gunshot wound. He cursed to himself, and ran to the safehouse as fast as he could. 

Alicia tensed when he heard rushing footsteps approach the house. He grabbed Alex's Baretta, removed the silencer, and crept to the door. She heard a body hit the ground, and opened the door. Alex was laying face down unnaturally in the grass, bleeding from the stomach. Alicia broke free from the cold grip holding her stomach in place, and varied Alex in. It was a long and very painful process for Alex, taking out the bullet and treating Alex. The bullet was lodged deep inside. "What the hell were you thinking...!" Alicia would whisper to herself. After a few hours, Alex was wrapped in gauze and bandages. She looked at him, worried to death. "Now it's my turn to wait." She said, a silent tear rolling down her cheek.   

The Escape pt. 2

Alex woke up, with a splitting headache and the biggest stomache ache ever. He looked down at his bandaged abdomen, and almost groaned getting up. He silently crept through the safehouse, peeping at the clock. It was nearly midnight. He checked on Alicia when he heard her on the phone. Quietly and nimbly, he checked it out. "...and he came back, injured. Yes, he was still alive...Yes, they failed....Yes, sir. I understand.." She said, clicking her earpiece off. Alex felt his heart stop beating, literally, for a few moments. He watched her as she observed the necklace he gave her, and load a magazine into her silenced G18. Without a sound, he crept back to his room, the only sound being his tears of rage on the floor.

Alex woke up the next morning to the sound of bacon sizzling and the smell of fried potatoes. He scoffed to himself. ~What, a last meal?~ He thought, before going to his arsenal. He put on his black peacoat, his silenced Baretta on his hip holster and out of site. He walked into the kitchen, where Alicia greeted him. "Hey, Alex! I see you've recovered quite well. How are you feeling?" She asked warmly. "...Peachy." He answered with a smile. She had a quick look of confusion before smiling again and giving him his plate, and her own seperate one. That was in the microwave already. ~Oh, always the naive one...~ Alex thought. Knowing his way around the bend, he observed his food. He smelt something a bit off. He smirked and got up. "Oh, Alex, one last thing." She said, reaching behind her neck. "I lost it for the tenth time last night. Hold onto it for a bit while I learn not to be a klutz?" She asked. He smirked, and gripped the woven necklace and stuffed it in his pocket. "Aren't you gonna eat?" She asked innocently. "Sorry, Alicia. Dyin' ain't on my menu for a while." He said, leaving her shocked face as he went to call Zach and Allison.

"And you're sure she is going to kill you?" Zach asked on the other line, in Gaelic for safety measures. "Yes. I heard her last night, and went through her files to doublecheck. She's been tied in with the Director for years. It's a very long and complicated process, that'll take hours to explain to you." He informed him. "Alright, Alex. Look, me 'nd Ali, we'll pack tonight and head to your safehouse. Thanks for trusting us-" "Trust? Zach. You're a good friend an' all, but I ain't trusting anyone for a long ass time. Let alone get remotely close to anyone." "Alright. Listen, Al, are you-" Zach was cut off by Alex shushing him. He heard the faintest click before moving out of the way of a bullet. From a G18.

Alex stumbled back against Veritas, his trusted Ninjato (again. Short straight sword). He scrambled up and unsheathed ot, staring into the eyes of his once trusted lover, best friend. "Is this what domestic abuse has come down to?" Alex snarked, before tsking and lunging at Alicia. She dodged to one side, and fired again, clipping Alex on the side. "Only grazed me!" He roared, lunging again, but only slicing a chunk of her hair. "Alex, don't fight back. Those lessons from you paid off!" She said, shooting again. When she reloaded, she instead pulled out her daggers, slashing at Alex in an X. He parried it, and kicked her down. She tripped him, lunging a dagger into the ground where Alex's head was. He rolled away, feeling a breeze, and saw his Desert Eagle resting on his nightstand. He reached for it, but stopped when Alicia's dagger was thrown into thew wood. He flipped up and stared at her. She had a regretful look on her face. "Alex, I'm sorry, but-" "Save your sorry's! I don't want to hear it! I trusted you! And you turn around and stab me in the back-almost literally!" He snarled. "This is bigger than you!" She sobbed, before lunging at him again. He roared and flipped over her, kicking her out of the window. He leaped onto the broken window sill, and watched her get up, bleeding from different areas. "Alex, just listen-" "Shut up!" He said, sprinting at her and crashing his sword down against her dagger. "Don't fight back Alex!" "How many times do I have to say shut up?!" He hissed, kneeing her and holding up her head by the hair. He held his sword to her neck, and heard her sob, thinking this is the end.

Alex roared, and threw his Ninjato into the Earth. Alicia watched in utter confusion at what was going on. He jerked her head down, getting off of her and wiping blood from his wounds. "A-Alex-" She started. "I'm giving you ten minutes to go back to your beloved Director. If you know what's good for both of you, you will never seperate. Watch him, never let him out of your site. If you do, that'll be the last time you see him...Or anything for that matter." He snarled. She began to protest, but was silenced by Alex's Baretta, now sans silencer. "You now have nine minutes." He hissed. She nodded, grabbing her things and clearing off. He hopped back in the house and picked up his earpiece. "Have fun, Alex?" Allison said on the other line. "I had a minor irratation to deal with. Pack your things and meet me on the eastbound train." He informed her, readying all of his weapons, and putting his longsword in a guitar case, and his other weapons under clothes in a duffel bag. "Why? Where are we heading?" She asked. "Washington DC. That's where we'll find our parents." He informed her, before clicking it off and putting in his iPod headphones. 

After exiting, and attaching the chain to his wallet, he looked at the house. It was already tattered and torn. He threw a firebomb grenade at it, letting it burst to flames. He began to walk away, stuffing his hands in his pockets, when he felt something in there. He rummaged around the contents, and found the necklace. He then took out his own. Just looking at it reminded him of the torment and pain he was going through, emotionally. He took one hard look at it, sighed deeply, combined them, and threw it into the blaze. He turned his back on the house in flames, and the yinyang pendant burning within. The extreme heat evaporated the tears that were so close to it already.

The Escape, pt. 3  

Allison smiled as she and Zach greeted Alex. Allison's appearance caught Alex off gaurd. She was prettier with her hair down like this, he thought. Zach also lazily let his flows. He shrugged, as Zach looked around. "D'ya think they're-" He started, but was cut off by Alex. "Of course they're watching us. It's up to us to lose them. We'll stop ten klicks from DC before travelling on foot. That'll slow them down." He said, boarding the train. 

The train ride was long and incredibly boring. Allison was listening to her iPod, and Alex informed Zach on the situation. "Turns out I was a bit more successful during our augmentation. You know how your armour doesn't automatically regenerate, and mine does? Or the immense intellectual and physical skill difference? They were terrified I'd question orders, or figure out some kinda conspiracy. They're planning something, Zach. With a lot of people working against us." Zach only nodded and shook his head. 

They finally reached their destination in Virginia. They would walk the rest of the way to DC. Though they stopped at a motel for rest. "So, what happened with Alicia?" Allison asked. "Nothing." Alex replied dryly. "But, isn't she working with the Director?" She pestered. "Yes." Alex replied, obviously annoyed. "Then, what are we-" "Look, Allison, I kinda don't wanna talk about it, so if you can shut it for ten seconds, that'd be fan-fucking-tastic!" He yelled, near tears. Allison only looked hurt and stormed to the bathroom. Zach opened his mouth to speak. "Dont. I already know..." Alex said. 

Zach had left for supplies, and Alex knocked on the bathroom door. "Um... Look, Allison. Sorry. But you gotta understand, that's a touchy subject. I'm still trying to accept it myself, so if you-" The door slowly creaked open, half showing Allison's face. She had just showered, and was in a towel. Alex resisted the urge to look down, and she opened the door all the way. "Its okay. I shouldn't have pressed on..." She said, linking her own hands. "... I never thanked you for saving me." She said quietly. "It was my mission." Alex replied simply. "I know, but..." She said, turning around and pointing those bright blue eyes right at Alex. "... Still. Thank you..." She then gave him a hug. Oddly, Alex quickly placed his hand around her as well. She stepped back, gave him a smile, and walked back to the bathroom. Alex's knees felt a bit weak, but he shook it off. No need to get hurt again.

(I'll add more. If you find any typos (there are tons) tell me. I'll fix 'em. )

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