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Post by Abigail Parker on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:39 pm

A Videogame Review

Okay, before I get into scoring and all that garbage, I’m going to tell you something: Before you pop this game in, turn off your brain. There’s a reason this game has “Embrace the Madness” in it’s tagline. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re looking for a story in Borderlands that‘s comparable to Citizen Kane, you might as well stop reading this review and go pick up Legacy of Kain or Metal Gear Solid.

Anyways, let’s go over the premise:

Borderlands is set on the desert world of Pandora. Originally, people settled on the world because it was rich in minerals. But after most of them were mined up and shipped out, there really wasn’t much left. Those who were rich enough packed their bags and left, leaving those who were broke as all hell to live among the junkpiles and vast sands of Pandora. A few settlements started up, but most of the remaining human population became vicious bandits (which have been mercilessly criticized and panned for resembling the Raiders of the Fallout universe), terrorizing and murdering for laughs. The thing that keeps most of the people in the settlements going is a legend. A legend of a so-called Vault, which is rumored to hold infinite wealth, advanced alien tech, fame, power, and of course, women (Yes, that last part torques me a bit. I try to ignore it).

We’re introduced to our heroes in the introductory cinematic, naturally. The scene is set with a member of Pandora’s wildlife, a reptilian-like dog creature called a Skag, kissing the bumper of a desert bus, which is the cue for the song, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage the Elephant to start up. Inside the bus are the four playable characters: Mordecai, who fills out the sniper role of most FPS games, Lilith, a Siren who can turn invisible and deal insane amounts of elemental damage, Brick, who is just that; a brick of a man who prefers to use his fists in battle, and Roland, who is basically your average Red Shirt, just with a name and a decent gun. Obviously, they’re Vault Hunters. After the intro, you can pick the character that matches your play-style, and then the games begin.


GRAPHICS: 50/100

Graphically, this game isn’t exactly a looker, but it isn’t butt ugly either. Borderlands uses a cel-shading style that kind of makes it seem like a cartoon. A very violent, gore-filled, foul mouthed cartoon. But for those of you who only care about graphics, the door’s to the left.

GAMEPLAY: 100/100

In short, this game is stupid, mindless fun. The best kind of fun there is, in my honest opinion. The amount of weapons is staggering, and sometimes mind-boggling. You have to juggle different brands, levels of rarity, and in some cases, elemental damage. From combat rifles to revolvers, Borderlands boasts enough weapons to turn your enemies into pink mist. The enemies are also diverse, from wildlife to bandits. The enemies come in the normal flavor and elite flavor, with the elites being more of a pain in your backside, obviously. Traveling can be tedious early on, but thankfully you can get a car around level 10 or so. And that’s pretty much it.

STORY: 25/100

In all seriousness, the motivation for the characters is actually pretty solid. I mean, who doesn’t want untold riches and advanced technology at their finger tips? But unfortunately, like most RPGS, the main plot tends to take a backseat to all the side quests, so the story can be very disjointed.

FINAL SCORE: 175/300


VERDICT: Good, stupid, mindless fun, but the story suffers because of the endless amount of side quests. If you’re a treasure hunter at heart, then this is the game for you, what with the insane amount of loot in the game. If not… Eh, might want to give it a miss.
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Re: Borderlands

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:44 pm


The review was fairly solid, it mentioned everything it should, as well as a few personal opinions with little to no biased versions. Overall, nice. 4/5 stars.

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