Mirror's Edge - Review

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Mirror's Edge - Review

Post by Primula Kazama on Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:48 pm

Visuals – 9
I give the visuals (graphics) a nine.
With beautiful terrain and multiple level routes, this game will give you a stunning real-life effect on what you want to do, and where you want to go. An integration in the game, that can be toggled on/off at will, called Runner Vision that turns certain objects red is your guide of where to go, or what to interact with. And one of the best and most realistic features - you can see your body. Instead of looking down and seeing nothing, you can see your feet. When you hang from poles, you can see your arms and legs grab onto them. When you run, you see your arms pumping.

Sound & Music – 8
I think the ambient music of the city, and the intense music of the chase, tie in very well with the game. If you're looking down upon the city, you hear what you'd expect to hear from the city. While being chased, intense, blood-pumping music and still-ambient sounds play all around you.

Gameplay – 9
While some things took a while to figure out, the first person angle of parkour is very fun. Although it's a first person game, using guns is a bad choice, unless you need one, or have a pistol or SMG. Pistols and SMG's don't slow you at all and can help at times, but carrying weapons such as a shotgun, sniper, assault rifle, etc., can result in slower movement, and possibly death. Fighting is simple, especially with the integrated bullet-time and Runner Vision. Although some challenges or escapes may seem hard, there's always a way. Check your surroundings and find out what could be done. Very realistic, with the fact that what looks like a short fall actually somewhat damages the character, and about 2-4 well placed shots can stop you dead in your tracks.

Controls - 9
I give the Controls a 9.
With the tutorial level/prologue, you can get an easy grip on the controls and other things. While things may seem like they're unfair, it may just be that your timing was off. You need to time jumps, grabs, even the bullet time usage.

ETT (Estimate Time Taken)
Depending on iff you play as much as you can get in, 2-3 days.
If you vary with only 1-2 chapters each day, 4-5 days.

Replayability – 7
Although it is an amazing game, the whole running thing can get a bit old. Replaying levels to find different routes or hidden goodies is what most would play for, but after the game is finished, most would go to the online section where you can make a time trial or compete with other players.

Difficulty - 6
Depending on what difficulty you play on, it really depends on what you like. I played normal, so it was kind of challanging. Being chased and running into the police can prove problems if they're in groups. Getting them alone is the key, so you can take them out one at a time.

Enjoy-Ability - 9
Interesting storyline, daring jumps and falls, and some plot twists, all fused with running, fast paced parkour action sets this game ablaze with fun and challenges that might keep you on your toes. Looking through the vast level terrain and the different problems you face in the futuristic utopian totalitariast community will amaze the player, making him/her hunger for more.

Overall Rating/Review - 5 out of Five
This game deserves this score. It is a new, totally different take on First-Person games. Although, this different is good. Challenging, action packed, fast paced, and a solid story line is what makes a game a great game. Mirror's Edge holds all of these qualities. It can bring those not interested in first persons to a new genre of games, can give action-game junkies what they crave, and can even be an enjoyable game for the family, with the family settings in the options menu. In my opinion, and in many others, this game at least deserves a nomination in Game of the Year.

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