Daimos, Hiro, and Saiyah Ishida

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Daimos, Hiro, and Saiyah Ishida

Post by Daimos Ishida on Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:46 am

Name: Daimos Ishida

Biographical Information
Home World: Born and raised in Requiem Woods, now alternates between living in the Mental Realm and Demon Realm
Age: 150
Birth date: Meh

Physical Description
Gender: male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230

Personal Information
Allies: Dark
Enemies: Anyone he doesn't like or threatens him or his family
Weapons: A demonic blade that can change its shape to resemble a keyblade, a seraphic blade that can change its shape to resemble a keyblade, a sword that embodies both the darkness and the light. Also wields a variation of different swords embodying different elements.
Fighting Style: Fights only when necessary, well trained in the ninja arts and a mystic art called Shadow Skill. He will not interfere in the affairs of others, lest they have asked for his help.

Chronological Information
Professions: Guardian of Requiem Woods and Mental Realm, King of the Gods, Assassin, Weaponsmith, Hunter
Affiliation: Rebellion
Born to Saiyah Ishida, an ethereal, and Hiro Ishida, a demon, Daimos was both blessed and cursed by his existence. His father had long ago made a deal with Kira in order to save his friends, but was instead cursed to forever carry out the death God's will. The power that Kira bestowed on Hiro however, thought to have been a gift, was instead a curse, binding him eternally to walk to planes of both the living and the dead. In a last attempt to save his son from eternal condemnation, Hiro asked that the curse be lifted in exchange for his own life. Hesistant, Kira instead agreed that the curse would be changed to a gift that both Daimos and his sister Rya, born much later, could use freely at any time. There was a catch, however: Daimos would be required to continue to task of reaping the souls Kira designated and Rya would have to drain the souls of her victims to maintain her unstable power. Hiro agreed to these terms and the troubles of that accord seemed to fade away...for a time. Soon after Daimos' twelfth birthday after one of the many training sessions between Hiro and himself, Daimos had gone out into the woods as he was apt to do after these intense sessions. There he met a lone girl, whom he became friends with. A few days later, while the two of them played, Daimos' power suddenly tore free of its boundaries, causing Daimos to go into a frenzied bloodlust. In his clouded state of hysteria, he slaughtered a nearby village, leaving all but one of the villagers literally torn to pieces, the single villager himself barely recognizable through the horrifying wounds he sustained. Hours later, Daimos awoke within the same woods, smelling of blood and death. Fearing that he had done something unforgivable, Daimos fled into the woods. For days he wandered the woods, blank and emotionless. It was in this state that the Fox King, Kitsune, found him. Sensing the great power that Daimos possessed, the Fox King took him on as his successor, teaching him to control and even unlock deeper depths of his power. As a last task, Kitsune instructed Daimos to visit the Mental Realm, where he could meditate in peace. Daimos agreed, now well into his young adulthood which, by demon standards, started as his eighties.
While visiting Halloween Town, he confronted Haruko in a battle that almost killed them both. They were instead transported to Spira, where they played to roles of Summoner and Guardian. Along the way, they met up and befriended Rikku and Lulu. The four of them took up the job of defeating Sin, which in turned allowed them both to return to their own time period. Upon returning, Daimos met up with and befriended Kyle and his friends. It was some time later that he met Kairi. They started to become closer and were soon dating. After a few weeks, they had gotten married. Unfortunately, the wedding was too hasty and both decided to just be friends. During the time that he was dating Kairi, he met up with Haruko again and they once again became friends, which in turn led to old feelings to be resparked. Now, years later, Daimos has decided to return to his quest to find out about his past....

Name: Saiyah Ishida

Age: Looks to be in her mid to late 30s, is actually close to 450 years old

Race: Ethereal

Appearance: Look at the damn picture >.>

Personality: Kind and compassionate, trusting of everyone she meets. Very rarely becomes angered, unless her morals are jeopardized or her family is threatened. Nurturing, treating everyone as if they were her own child

Weapons: None

Class: High Priestess

Likes: Just about everything

Dislikes: Next to nothing.

History: Read the "Kitsune: Origin of Daimos" fan fic.

Name: Hiro Ishida

Age: Looks to be in his early to mid 30s, but is actually close to 500

Race: Kitsune demon

Appearance: Look at the damn picture >.>

Personality: The exact opposite of Saiyah

Weapons: Demonic katana (2)

Class: Samurai

Likes: Fighting, bloodshed, mayhem...Saiyah and their kids

Dislikes: Anything other than his likes....so just about everything

History: Read "Kitsune: Origin of Daimos" fan fic

Daimos Ishida
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