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Full description of the world

Post by Mitsuki Ishida on Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:21 pm

A beautiful land where the snow never stops. The ice can be so in area's where it would heat a flame. There are houses set up in a beautiful city with a giant ice palace in the center of everything, winding bridges spiral down and across the large city to gain access to the palace from most inside places. Just to the north of the city is mountains as highs as the eye can see, all draped with a fine and soft layer of snow. A ski resort is actually placed on one of the smaller mountains, the closest one to the city. To the east are a few small towns where people stay, away from the busy life at the city. There they have underground hotspots, the only ones on the whole area. Thats where farmers grow their food for the people of the planet. Toward the west is a cave that can freeze anything but a special armor, This armor is made of the ice inside that vary cave, creating a deadly mission yet rewarding. The ice has also been known to make fine jewelry, creating a substance harder and prettier then diamond. Its said the deeper you go, the more beautiful it gets, but no one has been able to get past the first floor and onto the one below or above it. To the south of them is the ice temple. That is where the people of the city go to gain respect from the last remnants of the Shinigami.
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