Character Creation Template

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Character Creation Template

Post by Mitsuki Ishida on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:32 pm

Please don't post to this, but instead make your own topic.

Name: (What is your character's name?)

Biographical Information:
Nationality: (Where were you born?)
Age: (How old are you? Unknown is not an acceptable reply.)
Birth Date: (When were you born? Just the Month and Date, no year.)

Physical Description:
Gender: (What is your character's gender?)
Height: (How tall is your character?)
Weight: (How much do they weight?)
Picture/description: (Write a 150 word description of your character. Only after you may also add a picture if you'd like.)

Personal Information:
Allies: (Who would your character side with?)
Enemies: (Same as Allies only reversed)
Weapon of Choice: (What type of weapons does your character favor?)
Fighting Style: (How does your character like to fight?)
Passive Ability: (What can your character do automatically?)

Stats: (These start at 50, and you get a total of 300 points to spread between them at level 1)
STR: 50
STA: 50
AGI: 50
WIL: 50
APT: 50
WIT: 50

Chronological and Political Information:
Profession: (What class are you? (Link at bottom))
Affiliation: (Rebellion, Empire, or Denizen of the Forest)
Background History: (From birth to now would be nice. Must be at least 500 words)
Personality: (How does your character act by themselves? With others or even animals? Must be at least 250 words.)

[b][i]Name:[/i] [/b]

[b]Biographical Information:[/b]
[i]Birth Date:[/i]

[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[i]Picture/description: 150w Minimum[/i]

[b]Personal Information:[/b]
[i]Weapon of Choice:[/i]
[i]Fighting Style:[/i]
[i]Passive Ability:[/i]

[i]STR:[/i] 50
[i]STA:[/i] 50
[i]AGI:[/i] 50
[i]WIL:[/i] 50
[i]APT:[/i] 50
[i]WIT:[/i] 50

[b]Chronological and Political Information:[/b]
[i]Background History: 500w Minimum[/i]
[i]Personality: 250w Minimum[/i]

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