REVIEW-- Alone In The Dark 5

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REVIEW-- Alone In The Dark 5

Post by Primula Kazama on Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:54 pm

Visuals – 8
I give the visuals (graphics) an 6
The graphics for a release this far out would make you think it had great graphics, but frankly, it looks like an early PS1 title. The creatures and monsters look blocky, the voice acting and the way the CGI characters move their mouths, it looks like they're just moving their mouths up and down.

Sound & Music – 7
The music wasn't the greatest, as you'd think it would be creepy, but the scary music only came on at bad times, eg: driving away from police and there's creepy music. The sound from the creatures and from other objects actually sound good..

Gameplay – 6
Very hard and confusing puzzles, difficulty on EASY makes it seem as if you were on hard, and the sometimes confusing controls get you thinking too hard. The simplest tasks are kind of made in button-sequences. You'd have to press down, right-up-R1-L1 just to heal ONE wound. Although, the use of improvisation (EG: Using a lighter and alcohol sprayer for a flame-thrower) made the game fun at some times

Controls - 7
I give the Controls a 9.
The moving-shooting-driving controls are taken into full affect, but of course, there're flaws. Whil moving, you often perform random tasks instead of using simple procedures, such as jumping out a window instead of burning the door down. Driving, the turning and speeds make the fast car-chasing tense, giving too much pressure, and you mess up and freak, then crash and OH-- You're dead. Shooting is simple, use your special vision to spot weak spots, and shoot 'em.

ETT (Estimate Time Taken)
With the constant dying and troublesom puzzles, 10 Days

Replayability – 4
After suffering through the terrible gameplay and graphics and confusing puzzles, all for the sake of the alright storyline, you really only play to see the ending. But after witnessing the TERRBLE cliffhanger, you reach the conclusion that everyone who worked on this game hates you. They hate you, they hate games, and they hate Alone In The Dark[i]. There's no other explanation as to why such a terrible piece of CRAP ever saw release.

Difficulty - 9
Ok, I gotta get this off my chest. There was no difficulty choice, but it's not that the [i]game
is hard, it's just that you don't know how, but you die nearly every 5-10 minutes! A tutorial is something that's supposed to get you used to the feel of the game and controls. I personally died at LEAST 9 times in the tutorial, and the confusing puzzles and terrible controls make you die and get you SO frustrated, you want to break the game in HALF

Enjoy-Ability - 5
Somewhat good storyline, yet VERY confusing challenges and puzzles, and when you need ammo or lighter fluid or whatever, you strangely find yourself out and go looking for a replacement. The terrible graphics makes you feel like you're back in '01, and the ending just ruined everything.

Overall Rating/Review - 2 out of Five

Overall, I give this game - 2
Terrible gameplay, horrible difficulty, it's not that it was tough, you just found yourself dying so often you get extremely frustrated, and the graphics are horrible. Like I said, "Atari hates you, they hate games, and they hate Alone In The Dark. There's no other explanation as to why such a terrible piece of CRAP ever saw release"
This game is a discrace to Alone In The Dark

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Re: REVIEW-- Alone In The Dark 5

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:25 pm

Sorry for the late reply.
I gave this review 5 stars, very good. I have a challenge for you, Alex. Try doing a full review. Try to make your next review with 1,300 or more words.

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