REVIEW!!! God Of War II

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REVIEW!!! God Of War II

Post by Primula Kazama on Sun Jul 27, 2008 5:43 am

Visuals – 8
I give the visuals (graphics) an 8
Graphics are great, and Hi-Res cutscenes feel like a PS3 game, and the in game graphics lok great. Blodd splatters and the way you use weapons or items take in effect what would really happen.

Sound & Music – 7
The music was good, gave the game that great feeling, like it was an interactive movie. Sound effects sound great and the voice acting made it, the intensity of Kratos' voice is harsh and angry.

Gameplay – 8
Easy to use combat moves, simple controls for magic, and the game feels great. The simpleness of the controls make it easy to play, and fun to slaughter the demons from Hades.

Controls - 9
I give the Controls a 9.
The controls are very simple, only 2 attack buttons (Light and heavy) as well as chain combos, which are extremely easy 3-4 button combos. Dodging makes the counter-attacks all that more easy, and the puzzles give you guides on what to do.

ETT (Estimate Time Taken)
Depending on how long you play, I give it 3-5 days.

Replayability – 9
I give the Replayability (ability to replay the game) a 9.
After you unlock Urns and costumes, etc, it makes the game much more replayabilty because A) It's a fun all-round hack-n-slash, and B) The story-line is pretty darn solid

I give GoW II Difficulty a--
It all depends on what level you play at, their is 4 different levels
Mortal (Easy) - 3 : For beginners, only those who want to take it easy and get use to the feel and take the game in stride.

Spartan (Normal) - 5.5 : This difficulty is for those who have been around for GoW one, or those who like to take it simple. Normal AI, moderate boss fights ,all round normal fun.

God (Hard) - 7 : This is a real challenge. If you're the kinda person who like things to be tough, or just like to get challenged with very tough boss fights, here's your chance for a good challenge. Couldn't get all the way through, only got to the pheonix lair

Titan (VERY Hard) - 9 : Possibly the hardest time I've EVER had playing a game. Extremely hard enemies, smarter AI, very tough bosses. You can barely go 5 minutes without nearly dying. For EXTREMELY hardened players. I only made it to the steeds of time.

Enjoy-Ability - 8.5

Overall Rating/Review

Overall, I give this game an 9/10.
I proudly say that I give this a 9. Extremely good gameplay, easy controls and mechanics, great graphics, and fun puzzles. This game can let a newbie stride through a fun game, or let the most hardened of gamers finally meet their match. This game is pretty gory, so If you don't like smashing peoples heads in with doors or slicing demons in half, I reccomend you not play this. Although, this game could introduce those to this game genre.

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Primula Kazama
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Re: REVIEW!!! God Of War II

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:24 pm

Sorry for the late reply.
This is a very good review, I gave it 5 stars, keep up the good work!

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