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Just to let you know, the reason this sin't in the fanfics section is because this isn't a fanfic. If you wanan debate that, take it to PMs.

The World of Text-Based Role Playing

When you get your first look at a Role Player (generally referred to as an RPer by others and inside this article) you begin to wonder if they’re insane by talking as another character or such. However, if you delve deeper into the world of an RPer, you begin to see that they’re not as insane as they seem, as they probably use the same character for every post and that they have a set of statistics (known as a Character Sheet) for them in one particular post so people can look at them and know just how old their character is, what their weaknesses are, etc. If you ask an Rper why they do what they do, they’d probably say “For the sake of creativity” or something similar. Some may consider it an escape from real life. Others do it simply because it’s a thing to do. In all cases, everybody has their different reasons for Role Playing (referred to as RPing in both article and outside community) and so they’ll tell you different things when asked why.
Where they RP is a different matter. Some people use sites like Gaia Online that have sections set aside for that purpose. Others use forum sites like or to create their own sites to RP in, usually having limits to how many abilities, weapons, etc. a person can have, as to not have newer members be able to overpower veteran members, which could very easily cause chaos. Therefore, if you’re going to create your own Role Playing site, be sure to include limits plus fun areas for your members to enjoy.
How to RP isn’t something regularly explained, but I’ll explain it myself anyways, just to know that I have all bases covered. The first thing to know is the difference between In Character and Out of Character speech. When you’re speaking as your character, you’ll usually have to describe their actions in detail so that others can thoroughly imagine just what they did and/or are doing. Also remember that you have to stay true to your character. If your character is a well-spoken British man, you can’t be a slang-talking American 15-year-old girl in your posts.
One of the biggest “no-nos” of RPing is what we RPers call God-Modding. God-Modding is when you make a post, but don’t give your opponent a chance to block or evade the attack or you use an attack listed that wasn’t even listed in your character’s ability list OR didn’t have it’s own respective post. For example: let’s say my character, Jonathan, attacks this guy Steve. The post would go something like this: Jonathan Bolt Jumped out of the way of another failed attack, but he was running short on Energy, so he couldn’t Bolt Jump very many more times. Now for Steve’s post: Steve, angry with his opponent for having turned into lightning so many times uses Cannon of Stupidity, OverKilling Jonathan. I think it’s obvious which one had the God-Modding. I think that about covers it for how to RolePlay.

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